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Alex Mangini

See What The Kolakube Community Has Done With Their Sites

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If you use a Kolakube product, chances are you have a pretty nice looking site.


Many people go out of their way to customize their site and make them unique. Change colors, add new content areas, custom logos, etc.


Ideas can be improved. Designs can always get nicer, and people are always wondering what others think of their design.


This forum gives you a chance to find out just that and get feedback from other like-minded business owners that could improve your own bottom line.


Go ahead and post a new topic in this forum, showing off your website using your favorite Kolakube product. The friendly community will be happy to provide feedback, share their criticisms and stroke your ego on how great your design looks.


Ask questions about what features you think should be added to your site, and if you're having trouble coming up with a good design idea -- ask about that too. The whole point of this forum is to help you get your site the way you want it.


Be friendly, be helpful, and you will receive some great exposure and feedback for your site.

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