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I know many of you use Marketers Delight to create marketing related sites, but how often are you publishing to your blog? Having a blog attached to your products can be one of the most effective ways to bring targeted traffic to your site and is a excellent long-term strategy for building an audience. On top of that, writing is a therapeutic experience and thrilling hobby to get good at that will give you plenty of keepsakes to look back on over the years.

To help get your writing exposed and even help encourage you to publish more, I am opening up the new "Share Your Posts" forum where you are free to create threads to share blog posts you publish to your websites and open up discussion from the MD community.

A few house rules to keep things orderly:

  • This forum is specifically for posts published to your website's blog and nothing else. That includes no landing pages, new product releases, about pages,  or anything outside of your blog.
  • Please only create 1-2 threads per week per site and group as many blog posts as it makes sense into your thread. For example, if you publish multiple blog posts per week it may be best to create a new thread here per week with links to all of them.
  • Refrain from replying to others threads with simple remarks like "Nice post!" and "Agreed!" and stay on topic with constructive discussions.

- Alex
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