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No Bugs Found, Just Some Feedback

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I installed the new theme and everything went smooth. I didn't found any changes or bugs on the frontend (yet).


Just one suggestion. On the backend below Appearance there are different options for MD:

Marketers Delight

Email forms

Page leads


MD Settings




I guess they are a leftover from the old situation. In my opinion it's better to show only one menu-option. Marketers Delight or MD Settings.


Great job Alex!

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Hey Marcel, this is all great news to hear! One of my biggest worries was that an update with so much changed and reorganized would affect the look/layout of sites, but I feel confident any changes will be minimal.


GREAT suggestion, I had experimented with a top-level menu item for all these controls but I do like the simplicity of a single menu link. This may make its way into MD4.5... would love to hear what others think about this!

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