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MD4.5 Beta 2 is now available for download! Click here to get access + see new features.


Hey guys, I've been working on MD4.5 all summer and I'm happy to have made enough progress on it to do something I've never done in the history of MD: release a beta version for testing!


The reason I'm choosing to do a private beta is because MD4.5 is a HUGE change to the way MD as you know it works and will require following some simple steps to update.


The biggest thing about MD4.5, and why this update in particular requires some extra steps, is that the current lineup of MD plugins have been merged into a single theme.


Meaning that in order to install versions of MD4.5 and up, all you have to do is install the MD theme and activate it. The benefits, as I mentioned in this thread, are to make installing and managing MD a lot simpler.


Before MD4.5, in order to install the full suite, you'd have to:

  1. Install the MD theme
  2. Install the MD pluginx
  3. Install MD Popups plugin
  4. Install Video Lead plugin
  5. Install MD Main Menu plugin
  6. Install MD Footnotes plugin

...and that doesn't account for the license keys you have to enter for each product to get updates. And then when you finally get the license keys up, the work it takes to make sure each plugin is updated and looking at the clutter it adds to your interface makes managing MD a chore. The more time it takes for you to manage MD, the more time it takes away from you actually USING MD and getting into child theming, writing posts, adding other plugins, etc.


When I first began the MD4 project I envisioned a booming business model that convinced you to extend the base product by buying more products. I can still see this being a huge success (and will slightly alter how I use it), as it is with many other WordPress businesses, but the amount of overhead and it creates just isn't something I feel is the best direction here.


I mean, have you been paying attention to the MD changelogs over the past few months? If it seems like I've been updating the license system a lot it's because there's been a need to. It's been a fun endeavor, but is not really something I'd like to simplify.


Really, it's just that there are far more important features we'd all like to see out of MD.


MD, despite being split into addons, is a focused product built for the blogger who cares about design and conversions. I stand by each addon I release as something I've always wanted in a WordPress theme and can find value on nearly any site I build. Depending on how much you've used MD, you probably agree.


From here on out (if the beta goes well), we'll only have to install ONE theme to get MD setup on a site.


From here on out, we'll only have to manage 1 license key per site to get updates sent to ONE theme.


From here on out, we'll be using a better product to create better websites.



What else is new in MD4.5?


As exciting as this change is, I decided not to make it the only highlight of MD4.5. As it just so happens, the technical work involved in merging plugins into a theme (the right way at least) isn't as easy as just dropping them into the theme and loading them from there.


I wanted to use this opportunity to really clean some things in MD up and improve the product all around. Here's the changelog of what's new in MD4.5 as of writing this thread:




  • MD plugin + addons merged into a single theme
  • Get updates through the use of 1 license key (the MD theme license)
  • New Version History + License Key dashboard widgets (login to view screenshot)
  • Popup Hotspots allow you to easily place 2-step popups to the Main Menu and Post Byline (login to view screenshot)
    Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 9.09.12 PM.png
  • Set the default Featured Image position on all posts/categories from Appearance > Customizer > Layout. If you use the same Featured Image position for every post, this option will save you from manually setting it on all posts!
  • You can also choose whether to show blog posts as full content or to use post excerpts with a read more link from Appearance > Customizer > Layout
  • Merged all MD CSS files into the main style.css file, removing extra HTTP requests from page load.
  • New Settings panel (formerly Site Tools)
  • Features Manager (disable any major features of MD) (login to view screenshot)
    Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 9.05.38 PM.png
  • Fixed missing font files in admin post editor
  • Removed HTML5 Shiv script from
  • MDAPI reorganization + improvements
  • New image size: 'md-thumbnail'
  • 'Enable sidebar on posts/archives' Customizer settings now also adds sidebarto search archives pages when enabled
  • Main menu + search bar now enabled sitewide by default (can still disable on individual pages)
  • Category meta boxes options organized for a smarter hierarchy




MD4.5 adds 14 new hooks/filters that make performing common actions easier while reducing the need to edit template files. The list as follows, and more description/use cases will be provided upon request and as I write more tutorials.

  1. md_filter_content_width (adjust $content_width variable, as part of WordPress coding standards)
  2. md_filter_footer_columns (add more footer widgets)
  3. md_hook_footer (builds footer layout, adds new columns/copyright templates. see /build/build.php for example)
  4. md_filter_sidebar_classes (add custom classes to the sidebar)
  5. md_filter_content_classes (add custom classes to the
  6. md_filter_headline_classes (add custom classes to the headline area of each post/page)
  7. md_filter_byline_classes (add custom classes to the byline area in each post)
  8. md_filter_byline_items (remove specific byline items)
  9. md_hook_byline_bottom (add new item to end of byline)
  10. md_hook_byline_after_date (add new item after byline date)
  11. md_filter_excerpt_length (change the excerpt length on blog teasers)
  12. md_filter_excerpt_more (change the ellipses at the end of excerpt text)
  13. md_filter_register_nav_menus (register new nav menus or deregister MD's menus)
  14. md_filter_read_more (change the excerpt read more text if Customizer setting enabled)
  15. md_main_menu_triggers
  16. md_main_menu_side_triggers




To accommodate some of the new features and filters, various MD templates have been modified. If you overwrote any of the following templates in your own child theme, you'll need to compare the new templates to your modification and update any changes you see.


Don't worry, these template files are usually small and won't take someone with a little coding experience to make. Remember, these templates get updated with filters and hooks to decrease the chances of you needing to overwrite them and maintaining template files with each update!


New template files

  • /content/footer-columns.php
  • /content/footer-copy.php

Modified template files

  • html.php
  • comments.php
  • sidebar.php
  • footer.php
  • /content/content-box.php
  • /content/content-schema.php
  • /content/comment.php
  • /content/menu.php
  • /content/byline.php
  • /content/headline.php
  • /content/text.php
  • /content/archives-title.php


How to Install MD4.5 Beta on a New Site


If you're installing MD4.5 on a fresh site, all you have to do is download the marketers-delight-45.zip file from this thread and navigate to Appearance > Themes > Add New and follow the theme installation process. Once installed, activate MD4.5 and you'll be ready to begin using MD.


Even though this is considered 'beta', I currently run MD4.5 on MDNET and a new client site I've been working on without hiccups. It's probably unprofessional of me to do this, but I've found no better way to test this new update and have a happy client as a result. :)


Unless you know what you're doing with FTP and can debug any fatal site crashing errors, I recommend you use MD4.5 bet on a test site first.



How to Upgrade an Existing Site to MD4.5 Beta


This update process will apply to the 'release' version of MD as well. I'll shoot a video to document the process better, but the steps right now are as follows:

  1. If you have any of the following MD plugins activated, disable and delete them before updating the MD theme. These features will be restored as soon as you update to MD4.5 and no content will be lost if you update right away:
    - MD Plugin
    - MD Main Menu
    - MD Popups
    - MD Footnotes
    - MD Video Lead
  2. Go to Appearance > Themes and look for the update nag on the MD Theme. Follow the update process and reactivate MD if needed (if using a child theme, do not activate the parent MD theme)
  3. If using MD Popups, you'll need to resave the Popups data by going to Appearance > MD > Popups and clicking the 'save popups' button at the bottom of the page. This will restore and missing data from your popups

AS ALWAYS, back up your site before performing any updates, especially an update as big as MD4.5. Due to the template changes and CSS updates, it's likely some pieces of your layout will look slightly different. You may also need to adjust some CSS on the Main Menu if taken from this thread.



Run into issues updating? Experience any errors? Have feedback? Report them here!


The whole point of releasing MD4.5 beta to you is to get your feedback before releasing the official version! If you see anything that looks strange or find any ugly error messages after updating, PLEASE take a few minutes to report them to me here.


Not only is my goal to make managing MD seamless by packaging everything into 1 theme and 1 license key, I want to ensure a smooth installation experience as well! Error messages take away from that experience and can leave you feeling like you're using a mediocre product, so any errors you share here will be forever appreciated by myself and other MD users.


Download MD4.5 below:


(login to download MD4.5 Beta)



MD4.5 Beta 2 is now available for download! Click here to get access + see new features.



Random fun fact: as of MD4.5 Beta 1, the entire MD package weighs only 832KB! Most competitors ship huge themes ranging from 2MB+ in weight. I'm so proud to ship such a lightweight product to you and hope it performs well on your site—especially now with fewer HTTP requests.

- Alex
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On Video Lead setting page (wp-admin/themes.php?page=page_leads&tab=video_lead)


Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /public_html/wp-content/themes/marketers-delight/lib/api/fields/button/button.php on line 207

Warning: array_merge(): Argument #2 is not an array in /public_html/wp-content/themes/marketers-delight/lib/api/fields/button/button.php on line 209



P.S. I can't upload image on this forum.

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Bambang Oke (geek)

Windows User, Mac Lovers

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On Video Lead setting page (wp-admin/themes.php?page=page_leads&tab=video_lead)


Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /public_html/wp-content/themes/marketers-delight/lib/api/fields/button/button.php on line 207

Warning: array_merge(): Argument #2 is not an array in /public_html/wp-content/themes/marketers-delight/lib/api/fields/button/button.php on line 209



P.S. I can't upload image on this forum.


Hey, this should fix itself if you follow step 3 of the upgrade process and resave your Popups settings. Thanks for the report, trying to solve the root problem of that warning message. I tried adjusting the forum settings for image uploads, hopefully works next time!

- Alex
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Hey Tim, I'll take a look at that! Doing some work on the menus now.


In addition to the blockquote, I'm also bringing back the classic Quotes widget. You guys will especially love this...

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.37.55 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.39.14 PM.png

- Alex
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Can't activate. Showing below error:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class md_popups in /home/bidarshonchakma/public_html/texmud.com/wp-content/themes/marketers-delight/lib/addons/popups/popups.php on line 25

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Download Marketers Delight 4.5 Beta 2




The first round of beta testing has been a huge hit! I had asked for only 5 beta testers but your guys' enthusiasm to try out the new MD inspired me to up that number and let a few more of you guys in on the action!


If all goes well with this second beta release, I'll be ready to release MD4.5 to all active license owners. If you were previously approved to test beta 1, you can download beta 2 by clicking the download link at the top of this reply.


NOTE: It's crucial that you delete any of the old MD plugins BEFORE installing the MD4.5 theme. If you don't you will get a fatal error for running duplicate code! Please read the original post for installation + upgrade instructions


MD4.5 beta 2 has some new features that absolutely seal the deal on making this the BEST update Marketers Delight has received yet. I'm confident after my own testing and the work of the awesome lineup beta testers that you should be able to update your own sites with little to no friction (depending on how much you've customized your sites).


I take immense pride in the track record MD has in delivering safe updates and it looks like we're bound to keep it going with MD4.5.


Ok, enough gloating! Here are the new features/fixes in MD4.5 beta 2:



Header Dropdown Menus


A highlight requested feature, the MD header menu now supports unlimited levels of dropdown menus. In addition to the MD Main menu, you guys can now create some seriously packed menus! The header menu looks great on mobile as well, clearly showing your menu hierarchy with indentation and subtle dividers.


Aug-26-2016 14-17-41.gif



Quote Box Widget + Better Blockquote Styling


The quotes/testimonials widget is a classic MD feature and I'm happy to say MD4.5 brings it back! It's now easy to lay out a stream of quotes in any Widget area on your site. This widget supports quote text, author name, and a small author avatar. Simply fill in the widget fields and MD takes care of the rest!


post-1-0-56581300-1471988362.png post-1-0-24441000-1472150339.png post-1-0-98157700-1472150370.png

Layout Style Improvements
I took some time to improve some styles around MD that I've been wanting to tweak based on my own experience and feedback from various MD users over the past year. These style updates include:
A more obvious mobile menu trigger
The old mobile menu trigger was a small unstyled icon that just didn't look that obvious to click. To improve this I added a 'Menu' label and gave it a subtle background color to make it larger to click on mobile and more obvious to use at first glance:
Aug-26-2016 14-23-29.gif
Changed comment author styling
The old way of indicating an author comment in blog posts was to add a blue badge that says 'Author'. This was fine, but on mobile, was a little awkward. The new style removes that badge and simply changes the background color of author comments to blue with a subtle shadow effect. I hope you like it!
Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 2.27.04 PM.png
Flexible menu colors
Alongside the header menu improvements, I updated some of the CSS that controlled hover and border colors on menus. Instead of using static colors like gray to show hover, I changed the values to RGB colors. This means if you change the background color of the header with CSS, the hover / border colors won't look bad and will update to match the new colors a little better.
Bug Fixes + Template Updates
Alongside these new features/improvements, I further organized the MD file structure and updated a few templates
  • Moved /build/ folder to /lib/
  • Edited /content/menu.php
  • Edited /content/comment.php
  • Fixed bug where setting any Page Lead to show on all blog posts also showed on custom post type single entries

If you edited either /content/menu.php or /content/comment.php in a child theme, be sure to update those template files to get the most out of MD's new features.



When will MD4.5 be officially released?


As I mentioned above, I anticipate this to be the last beta release before officially sending out the MD4.5 update to everyone! As shown in the first beta release there are a few extra steps to updating to MD4.5 on a preexisting site. The steps will be worth it because from here on out you'll only need to manage ONE license key and ONE theme for all of MD. Very exciting.


I'll be spending some time recording upgrade videos and writing up documentation to show the upgrade process firsthand. As well as tutorials, I'm also working on a new landing page for Marketers Delight that explains the new product and pricing model I have in mind.


Since we're dropping the addons model, MD will now be sold at a single price point. The only variable that you'll consider when buying is how many licenses you wish to buy. One MD, one price.


MD4.5 will be available early September. Stay tuned, follow the MD forums and blog, and join the newsletter to get an email when it's ready.


Thanks again for following along with this update, I hope you love MD4.5 as much I loved developing it over the summer. You guys seriously make it all worth it.


- Alex

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- Alex
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Anwar, as i sctrolled down and read all comments below this topic i notice Alex gave to Richard last spot of this beta. It seems like we need to wait for official  -_-

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Ok that's great, I was just coming to see if I could jump in as I'm setting up a new site this week, assuming there's room for a +2?


Sure Cole, I'd love to have you try it. Your account now has access to the beta download.

- Alex
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Hi Alex,


I've got a big issue with the e-mailforms for the list: they are not working. It's not possible to fill in the fields. It's the e-mailform as page lead under the post. I've embedded an active campaign form and that works well. Also in the popups the form is not working. The strange thing: on my iPhone there is no problem. I've heard it from two people... See http://slimmerschrijven.nl 

Marcel Hoogland | Slimme Schrijver (made with MD) | IJsbeer Communicatie

  • Slimme Schrijver means Smart Writer. I help writers to improve their text and become better bloggers
  • IJsbeer means Polar Bear. I help organizations to improve the trust of their customers, citizens and clients in them.

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Hey Marcel, sorry about that! I'm not sure exactly what caused that but if you throw this CSS into your style.css file:

.email-form-footer {
    clear: both;

...that will fix it right up. Sorry for that big issue. :/

- Alex
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