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Alex Mangini


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Hey guys, I've been extra quiet around here lately because I've been building a new homebase for Marketers Delight. What started as a side product years ago has turned into something quite big, and truthfully, MD has outgrown Kolakube.


So I'm not officially calling this site 'ready' yet, but MDNET is almost ready to go live:




I thought I'd sneak peak it here like I do with mostly everything else related to MD. This has always been the site I've wanted to build and I've done a lot of work to improve how you manage your account and access downloads, license keys, purchase info, etc. (you can login with your existing Kola account to see).


All that's really left is filling out some more of the Features pages and shooting some videos. Pay attention to this site because I'll finally be doing more tutorials and videos once MD has a new home.

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