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XFtoWP 1.2 testing thread


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Will beta versions be made available to active subscribers? As we've discussed on Xenforo forum, I'm nearly ready to migrate from MyBB to Xenforo and the one thing I'm waiting on is the sync option that will be available soon in this plugin.

And I'll echo others here and in the thread on Xenforo that I'd prefer the Xenforo registration over Wordpress, but at the moment I'll take what I can get. :)

And while registration is done through WP, would an add-on like this for Xenforo still be usable, not for registration but for multiple account detection?



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In our plans for the bulk sync tool, you will be able to scan your XF user database and sync any existing users from there into your WP site, instead of just relying on WP as it is now. As you can tell, this is an incremental process and version 1.2 absolutely nails the basics of user syncing—now it's time to scale up!

Hopefully by the time you are ready both of these things will be fully implemented.

That sounds like amazing plans, once again. Hopefully everything will fall together just perfectly planning wise. Keep up the good work!