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Hello everyone, as you can see the MD Forums have been completely redesigned and reorganized to give us a better support and discussion experience.

For starters I migrated to a completely new forum software called XenForo (previously using IPB). This is easily the best and most highly functional forum software out there, and is pretty customizable as you can see—the forums finally match the MD website!

The incredible part about it is your user accounts and data have been migrated perfectly and your signatures, reputations, posts, and settings have all been preserved so you don't have to do a thing besides log back in.

New forums

Before updating the software I reorganized the structure of the forums to help keep the various discussions about MD easier to find.

The support forums have been split into two sections: Bug Reports and Support Forums.

If you find a bug, error message, or a glitch in the layout of your site that doesn't look right go ahead and post your topic to the Bug Reports forum.

If you are having problems installing MD to your site or find bugs during an MD update, post to the Installation and upgrades forum.

Want to know how to style and customize your site? Post to the Styling and customization questions forum.

Have a suggestion for MD or want to share and get Theme Mods from around the community? Check out the new MD Community forums.

Let me know what you think

I am still playing around with the new software but as of now the forums are in very good shape! If you see anything weird or have any suggestions please post here!

For archives sake, the old forum: