Transparency animation wneh scrolling down a page

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On this page, if you scroll down, you can see that SOME images or parts of the page appear gradually, out of transparency.

How is it possible to do so with MD?
Does it affect the page performance with respect to SEO criteria/loading time?

Thank you


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The images are lazy loaded.
The reason it appear gradually out of transparency is probably because the images are a little bit bigger. You won't get the same effect with a smaller image in size, because it's loaded faster.

This is not something MD has out of the box. You can use a plugin like Lazy Load or some caching plugins like WP Rocket for the images to get lazy loaded.

It's actually better for your SEO/loading time. The page loads faster, because the images you don't see will load when you are about to see them and not from the beginning.


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Fortunately Lazy Loading on the web is starting to get easier, though not in any practical way yet. In some time from now, using a plugin like WP Rock Lazy Load will be considered "broken" since all browser's will support it natively and be as simple as:

<img src="image.jpg" loading="lazy" alt="Alt text" />
But don't get too excited, as this probably won't be viable any time soon. As you can see the support for for this in older browsers is atrocious, and many modern browsers don't support lazy loading either.

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 3.15.04 PM.png

So unless you are intrigued by what I just said, you can otherwise ignore it and use the plugin @Maikel suggested or a preexisting feature in your cache/optimization plugin (if used).

I personally don't use lazy loading as I believe in serving the most minimal content possible (that means carefully optimizing images beforehand) and just getting the page load over with so the visitor can read the page without interruption.

Page speed tools don't like that, but I can objectively see the websites I create are faster and better loading than 95% of other websites out there (that number watered down because I am humble :)) and adding more scripts to "optimize" a page has never made sense to me.