The best way to create "locked" posts until subscribed to newsletter?

Ivan Brezak Brkan

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Hi Alex,

I like the way that Brian over at the Backlinko blog locks old posts until you subscribe to his newsletter:


Having in mind that Marketers Delight has its own popups, what do you think the best way to make this happen with it is? I found the Newsletter plugin for WordPress has a free extension called "Locked Content" that should do the thing, but if there's a better or easier way to achieve it without an additional plugin, that would be sweet! 




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This is an amazing idea Ivan!

The best part of all is this is done by a simple trick, of simply emailing the link to them and designing a lock element. I am moving this to Features wishlist so we can keep track of this.

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@Ivan Brezak Brkan I had already shared quite similar idea a few months ago about a feature that would keep a certain portion of the article public and another portion private, only to the subscribe member. A bit different from your idea since mine was opposing free Vs paid content and I was trying to find a way to manage the privacy of the split content of such posts / pages with respect to paid subscriptions. Still not sure how to do so...

Your idea is great and I am sure @Alex will please us all when released into MD ;-)

One comment still: Have you thought about the pros and cons in terms of SEO, that is, the ground you might lose in terms of referencing because of part of your content being private?
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