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Hello there,
So, it has been quite sometime with MD and I have noticed some ifs and buts with it.
  1. Font Display should be set to swap for all fonts & font-icons. This increases UX drastically. md-icon font adds an extra 2.46s every load. Adding swap saved 1.6s actually.
  2. If I setup a popup hotspot from Optins, no matter where I use the hotspot on the page or not - it loads. It loads in the footer. I noticed this when I added a substack email form javascript and that appeared on homepage (on which I didn't use the hotspot).
  3. Give an option to use both social share & profile icon buttons. It can be manually done by using some HTML & classes but it would be much better if we had an option to show profile icons in widget areas.
  4. Add two more dropins -> Downloads and Portfolio just like the bookshelf. Please, please. It is easy to create a post type but native integration will be awesome.
  5. Allow to use more than one gallery blocks on a page or post. Allow us to set columns in gallery-blocks columns.
  6. Add Pros & Cons/Do and don't or comparison gutenberg block (same thing). This one will be one unique feature and can be easily ported from
Thank you!