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If you believe you have found a bug or unexpected issue while using Marketers Delight use this forum to submit a report for verification by a staff member. Our goal is to keep this forum as close to empty as possible and with your help we can make MD as bug free as possible.

It is important that when submitting a report that you also include the steps our staff can take to reproduce the bug ourselves. This assures your report can be taken seriously and streamlines the often tedious process of fixing bugs as fast as possible.

We use a variety of thread prefixes to indicate the current status of bug reports. If we can reproduce it we will mark your report as Confirmed which means we are working on the necessary fixes. If we need more information for you, a staff member will reply to your thread and mark it with an Awaiting feedback prefix which means we are waiting on a response from you to continue our investigation. Once resolved and an update is made available, we will mark it Fixed and move it to the Resolved bug reports forum for archive purposes.

Sometimes reports may not actually be a bug or they may be duplicates, so we have the respective Not a bug and Duplicate prefixes for those. Don't worry if that's the case, we still appreciate that you took the time to submit your issue to begin with.
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