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If you believe you have found a bug or unexpected issue while using Marketers Delight use this forum to submit a report with help from the MD staff to get fixed. Our goal is to keep MD as bug-free as possible an your reports here go a long way in helping us solve any problems that arise.

When submitting a bug report please be as direct as possible and provide us with the steps we can take to reproduce the bug ourselves. The faster we can find the bug, the easier it will be to fix and release into MD as soon as possible!

It will also help if you can provide any screenshots, direct URLs, and a copy of any error message you are receiving. It can be helpful if you write your new bug report with the example template:

Bug description:
Website URL/page affected:
Current WordPress version:
Current MD version:
Error notice (if applicable):

After you post your report an MD staff member will come by to verify your report and take a variety of housekeeping actions to help keep track of this bug's report.

If we can verify the bug we will mark your thread as a Confirmed bug report and will work to resolve the issue based on its severity. If we can't produce the bug from the information on your first post or have more questions, we will mark the thread as Awaiting feedback as a prompt for you to see we have given your report attention and are now waiting for more details from you.

If your report turns out not to be a bug, is a duplicate, or is merely a conflict with a third party plugin we will make a note of that as well. Even if your report turns out not to be a bug don't feel discouraged to posted here again as we can always find some valuable feedback in any post here.
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