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Making MD Restrict Content Pro / membership ready

Ivan Brezak Brkan

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I'm creating a membership website based on MD (www.authenticemployers.com) and want to use the popular Restrict Content Pro plugin to power it.

Have you thought about making MD membership-ready for some of the popular membership plugins? From my research, there aren't a lot of themes that are out of the box ready. The changes needed to be done seems to be quite minute (basically templates for the profile page and other pages that RCP generates), but it seems it could be a good way of making MD the go-to membership WordPress theme, as an open alternative to platforms like Substack, Kajabi etc.


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MD is compatible with some membership plugins, but sometimes you need to custom code some things. I use it in combination with LearnDash and also used Wishlist Members before.

I'm not sure if MD is compatible with Restrict Content Pro out of the box, but it's always a good idea to make this theme compatible if it isn't. :)


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Great suggestion and I would be curious to see more of what this plugin looks like out of the box on MD.

If you or anybody else has links or screenshots of pages that could use style improvements show them here and I think we can handle it! If it's anything like WooCommerce it should bake in nicely.

Also found the following help guides from their site: