INLINE feature to SHARE specific part of your content to go VIRAL

Some French Dude

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I will explicit the title of my request for such a feature that I think would be a killer and such a differentiator for MD.

Below is an extract of one of my blog post designed with MD.
In my posts, I am integrating:
  1. nice pictures
  2. inspiring quotes
  3. Step by step recipes
  4. Etc.
I am calling the examples above my micro-content.
My visitors keep asking me how they could SHARE ONLY those parts of my content, AS OPPOSED TO the full post.

People have reported to me they would love to share...
... that great inspiring quote on their FACEBOOK profile, but when they do so, they get thee full article and not the actual quote.
... that great nice-looking photo or picture on their PINTEREST profile, but when they do so, they get the full article and not the actual picture itself.

Can you see the great potential of such a feature to make your content go VIRAL?