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MD5.0.x Confirmed Image caption bug


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Hi @Alex ,

I found a bug here that is quite annoying. When I enable caption on featured image, then that caption will break my post as below:
1. It replaces the "Read More" with the image caption
2. The image caption appear weirdly at the bottom of the post

1. See website www.ptcn.me
2. See the last 3 posts: 1 has no image caption, the other 2 have image caption.
3. Click on https://www.ptcn.me/dung-dan-huu-ich-ro-rang/
4. See the image caption hover weirdly at the bottom of the post

Can you please fix this? I had this ever since I upgraded MD to the latest version.



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Thanks for your bug report. I can confirm this issue. It's not that it replaces the read more. It's in your case above the read more button and you can't click on it because of that.

The image Caption shows double. The one on the left bottom doesn't need to be there. This only happens with the default loop. We will fix this issue as soon as we can.