[Ideas thread] Email forms enhancements


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MD makes it easy to integrate basic email forms around your site with various email marketing services, and due to popular demand it is time to start upgrading what those forms can do. The focus of the next minor features release after the impending MD5.0.9 maintenance release will be to add a few of the most requested email form enhancements.

Let's use this thread to solidify those ideas here and make requests for what kind of features you have been missing from MD's email form integrations.

The list of ideas will be compiled here:
  1. Email Optin Forms and Checkboxes
    The ability to add checkboxes that address privacy concerns and can even make it possible to attach tags to subscribers based on their checkbox selection.
  2. Fields manager
    MD assigns the default <input> values provided by all email marketing services to forms, but sometimes you want to customize that data for your own use. For instance, saving subscriber names in firstName rather than simply name. It would also be beneficial to be able to create our own fields on the fly too.
  3. AJAX form submission
    This will greatly enhance the email signup experience and allow us to show messages and setup our own redirects/thank you page URLs without refreshing the page (well, except for redirects obviously)

Some French Dude

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1. I was one of the first promoter and requester of GDRP compliant forms due to the strict legal restriction here in Europe/France.

4. Tracking where visitors come from: http://xf.mdforums.org//topic/3802-how-to-know-where-my-subscribers-come-from/
Leveraging MailerLite's Groups and Segments.
By the way, can I rekindle all of my request being listed here: https://mdforums.org/threads/dream-marketing-features-from-a-marketing-expert.3913/ :eek:

5. I'm not sure how this works on the code side, but I have heard about webhooks that enable you to identify a visitor and offer them several routes. For example, if a visitor clicks the link to your side (on Facebook, YouTube, etc.), when he reaches your site 2 cases can happen:
a. If he is already a subscriber of your list, then he is being presented/shown the landing page automatically.
b. If he is not, then he is being presented/shown a squeeze page so as to collect his email before showing him the actual landing page.