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Welcome to the Suggestions and feedback forum. This is the place to let your imagination run wild and make your case for what features and capabilities you'd like to see make it into Marketers Delight!

To help your ideas get the most visibility and spark the most discussion follow these easy tips below.

Posting new suggestions

The process of imagining an idea and explaining it to others in an understandable way can be challenging, so simplicity should be your main focus when posting your suggestions. Bullet lists, example links, screenshots, and use cases are all effective techniques that will make your thread easier to understand and can make it easier for others to support your ideas.

Also, it is important to keep to one suggestion per thread and not create "general suggestion threads". By keeping one idea to a thread it makes gauging its popularity easier and makes the discussion more focused so we can get to the bottom of what makes that suggestion worthy of inclusion in Marketers Delight.

Finally, before posting a new suggestion please search the forum to see if your suggestion has already been made. We want to avoid having multiple threads per suggestion for all the reasons mentioned above. If you accidentally post a duplicate, a moderator will close your topic and kindly direct you to the existing suggestion.

Replying to suggestions

While browsing the Suggestions and feedback forum and you find an idea you like, please support it by upvoting it in the thread. The more upvotes a thread has the more serious we will take that idea and adopt it into our release cycle. To keep good etiquette, please do not "bump" topics

Making an upvote is as simple as clicking the "up" arrow in any thread:

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 11.32.05 AM.png

You can keep track of your suggestions and the most popular ideas with simple filter controls in the forum view:

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 11.31.09 AM.png

Thank you for contributing your ideas to the future of Marketers Delight, and I hope you enjoy this new suggestions format! Go ahead and explore the forums and start making your votes count!
Not open for further replies.