Best results with share icons?

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To all in the MD community,

Have you been with Share icons?
Sure, your content has to be good enough for the visitors to want to share it, but...
have you noticed major differences in your results depending on where you place those icons (side of the screen, left or right, as opposed to side of the post, etc.).

Nobody has done some A/B testing here?
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I haven't installed any heat map software to track user behavior on my site but placement hasn't really made a difference in how often my visitors use the share buttons.

I've tried bottom of the page, end of the post, left and right, and haven't noticed a difference. I haven't tried 'top' of the post.

Since I have a newsletter business, my onsite share gameplan is to get site visitors to forward my archive posts (the stream) via email.

I'm of the belief that if someone feels compelled to share (great content with a strong call to action) then the placement won't matter. If someone wants to 'show off' this great new article, podcast, video, etc that they're "in the know" about, they will share it, with or without buttons. Your buttons simply add convenience.

I'd be interested to see what other MD users say about this.

Great thread.