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A/B Testing: Best option?

Some French Dude

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I received a mailing of Thrive Theme promoting the Landing Page A/B Tests:

I have to be honest. I think I can seeign all the investment and content ideas I shared in this forum, showing my loyalty to MD and desire to make it always better).

Seeing all the sexy marketing pluggins Thrive is offering, I even paused for a moment thinking about if I should stay with MD or move on...

Some bloggers I know doubled their conversion rates using A/B tests and interactive quizzes, and trust me, their content is far from being good. I even advised them to make it better and helped them improve their copywriting. So, sometime, you have to admit it, some features can be really powerful even when they might look like "meaningless" for content creators who like to think about the purity and power of content.

Just think about Las Vegas or YouTube. Do you think that meaning wins there? Nope. The first battle is about ATTENTION grabbing.
Quizzes are powerful for that, while A/B tests give you a factual, statistic way to know if option A (page / headline / image / color / button / etc.) converts better than option B.

Those features are not offered in MD and I guess they won't in the future.
What is the best option then?


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Los Angeles
@somefrenchdude, always searching and refining, I love it! I'll try my best to offer a little perspective.

MD, like most software, is in continuous development and iteration. However, we do not purport to be anything more than what we are. The features we offer are well documented, and "feature chasing" would probably blur the vision of this company/theme.

I think Thrive is an excellent Theme & Plugin developer, but as with other comparisons you've made on the forums — they have their road map, and we have ours. No matter how great a feature, we have to stay focused on MD.

A/B split testing is a great tool when used properly, and I know there are great options out there, but (as you so eloquently pointed out), we do not offer any such features.

As for the best option — I wish I had an easy answer for you, but I don't. There are no less than 20 options available out there, but making any such recommendation would ultimately put me in a position of accountability if it doesn't work out, so I'll pass on that.

The best I can do is share these search results.

Hopefully, someone else in the community will have better insight.


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We agree that surveys and quizzes are effective lead magnets and while I wouldn't rule out a possible Quiz dropin in MD's future, right now the market has very advanced solutions as plugins and services. With MD, you could embed them into your site with a popup, widget, or call to action.

Look into form builder plugins or even dedicated quiz builders - I would start by looking here and exploring your other options - https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-quiz/

The product you linked to requires you to install the "Thrive Architect" plugin as well, which is compatible with Marketers Delight. We do not discourage you from using other solutions if they are a better fit for your goals and your feedback about attention vs. meaning has been influential on our past development and where we are headed from here.

As for A/B testing I also found this really awesome looking block I may have to do a writeup about called A/B Testing for WP. - @Maikel have you seen this?


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I'm not really into split-testing yet. In my opinion you need to have loads of traffic to get the correct numbers. With a small number of people you stil won't know for sure if page a or b is performing better and maybe are using wrong data to "improve". Now i don't know everybodys number of traffic, but just keep that in mind.

I don't know if a plugin is the best solution in this case. I know you can split-test with Google Optimize. I would start there if i were starting with it. I don't know the plugin Alex is mentioning, but that's also worth a shot.

For quizzes. The best quiz builder i found for a client when i needed an optin feature and it needed to be a wordpress plugin (not offsite), was the thrive quiz builder.