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  1. Maikel

    Name input field not showing for popup

    @Tomasz updated his website from 4.9.5 to version 5.2 and now can't add the name input field (email field works) in his popups. I tried to reproduce this issue, but it's working fine for me. @Alex do you know something about this or can you reproduce this issue Maybe it's Mailchimp related (i'm...
  2. Maikel

    Hide License key on Marketers Delight settings page

    I think the title says enough. Because you can use MD on multiple sites, i think it's good to hide the license key. It's especially usefull to hide if you're working with clients. They don't need to know the license key you are using.
  3. Maikel

    Duplicate Header take body font instead of selected font

    See this thread: The header (menu) takes the font of the body text even when a different font is selected for the header in the font & typography settings.
  4. Maikel

    Fixed Close Floating bar (Link not working)

    When you want to use the "close floating bar" option with the MD floating bars, the button URL doesn't work. Settings: Output (no link):
  5. Maikel

    Fixed No text in share notice starting with #

    Bug found by @tminarik in this thread. The issue: When you click the 'Tweet This' button a blank Twitter window opens without any text. I found out it's because the text started with a hashtag (#). The hashtag also causes problems if you use it later in a sentence.
  6. Maikel

    Background-Position Option For Page Leads

    Hello Alex, When i use an image for the background for the different kind of page leads. I need to reposition the image sometimes with CSS to make it look great. Ofcourse i can always edit the image, that's the best practice i guess (but then i need to test on the website first what looks the...
  7. Maikel

    Few Ideas

    Hey Alex, I got a few ideas while working with Marketers Delight on different websites.   1. When changing an existing website to Marketers Delight, you need to re-save all posts for the featured image to work. This is not fun with 300+ posts. 2. I’m missing the option to enable sidebar for...