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  1. Alex

    MD5.2 now available for download

    The version you see in the Blocks editor is not the same as what appears on the frontend of your site. Since we don't load MD's font icons in the admin we used icons from the WordPress dashicons library.
  2. Alex

    What is the XFtoWP plugin?

    In case you're wondering, XFtoWP stands for XenForo to WordPress and is the plugin you want to integrate your forum data smoothly into your WordPress site. With this plugin you can finally connect your pages on WordPress to threads from your forum and do all kinds of cool things, including...
  3. Alex

    MD5.2 now available for download

    NEW — take a full features tour of MD5.2 with the latest post on the blog. You will also find a demo video of the new Stream features by @Maikel, and of course don't miss the changelog entry with an itemized list of changes made.
  4. Alex

    MD5.2 now available for download

    Ooh that should not still be there. As in "go back to homepage"?
  5. Alex

    Can You Really Outsource Your Blog Audience? Why You Need to Take Control of Your Online Platform

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with writing for Medium. I have talked to many bloggers over the years who use Medium either exclusively or to republish their blog posts, and both sides reasoning is to expose their content to viewers they never would have had otherwise. As we are all...
  6. Alex

    SEO and this forum is detrimental to your blog?

    Linked posts in this forum are nofollow, which means Google does not consider your links here as a backlink.
  7. Alex

    Best format for URLs for SEO?

    I'd be interested in the manual, was it published by Google? I think there are more important usability reasons not to use a URL structure like this before SEO concerns come in. "Pretty" URLs are easier to remember, share, and are just much nicer to look at. The many file extensions you see...
  8. Alex


    Thank you for the kind message Joe, it is always great to see you pop up after all of these years! The question that comes to my mind is how can we get you started a blog to help keep you busy? It really is a great hobby and one I have been grateful to have more than ever during these times.
  9. Alex

    Share your stream posts

    I have decided to embrace my nerd tongue and start #devposting to the Stream on my personal site. I wish you all luck in deciphering this crap:
  10. Alex

    Open graph and SEO metadata

    Hi Seth! We have opted to not handle SEO features like that as they are always subject to change and our attention is better spent on refining and expanding MD's fun core features. I have switched to the pro version of "The SEO Framework" as I know the developer is obsessive about performance...
  11. Alex

    How to differentiate pages with the same name?

    The "problem" with the Page post type in this context is that its not hierarchical, meaning you can't categorize entries like Posts. That's where "custom post types" come in which let us structure our post type however we want. If I were going to use a free course plugin I'd look into this...
  12. Alex

    Unable to access Forum after update - Current Customer

    Hey @rmontanez, I have manually approved your account - sorry for the trouble! Did you enter your username in the Forum users tab in your MD account area?
  13. Alex

    How to protect Videos from being downloaded on WP pages?

    I never encourage this as there are easy workarounds to still get into your site's code. Plus, anybody with screen recording software can just sit and rip your video that way so you will be fighting a losing battle where only your honest users are hurt. Your membership software should actually...
  14. Alex

    How to use the Stream to create new kinds of beloved blog content (Ideas)

    I couldn't agree more and I have some good tips for you in the meantime! I keep a bookmark folder in my browser with my most visited MD pages and I bookmarked the "Add New stream" page like so: You can do the same thing on a smartphone, except you want to add the "Add Stream" admin page to...
  15. Alex

    Asking presale questions

    Heh, we are now back to our regularly scheduled programming. :D
  16. Alex

    Changes to your MD forum account

    As you login to your forum account today you may notice that you do not have full posting privileges you are used to. Don't worry, you haven't done anything wrong and restoring your posting access is as easy as going to to the newly redesigned MD account area to verify your forum username(s)...
  17. Alex

    How to use the Stream to create new kinds of beloved blog content (Ideas)

    Not currently but that has been a requested enough feature that it will make it into one of the next Stream updates we have in store!
  18. Alex

    Image gone all of a sudden

    Thanks for the report. :D I disabled the combine CSS option in the MD > Site Performance tab to work better with the WP Rocket plugin.
  19. Alex

    Changing from a Pagebuilder Heavy Site

    Nice, it can definitely be a pain to reorganize your site into new tools but the rewards are so worth it! Once you've got a good workflow and know how to actually use your site without it exploding is how you are able to build consistent publishing habits, and a general love for having a blog...
  20. Alex

    How to use the Stream to create new kinds of beloved blog content (Ideas)

    Not currently, but we are looking into a feature that allows you to embed stream posts from the blocks editor, as a widget, and a shortcode. Currently you can categorize stream posts and use stream category pages to filter specific posts. Share your ideas, adding new features to the Stream is a...