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  1. mkw

    Polish translation

    Do you have Polish translation available? AFAIR you already have a lot of Customers from Poland, so maybe they shared the translation with you?
  2. mkw

    Author Box question

    Hi, simple question - where can I customize the text displayed in Author Box?
  3. mkw

    Invoice for purchase MD

    Hello, where can I find VAT invoice for purchasing the theme? BR, Marcin
  4. mkw

    Fixed Stream - post hour shifted 2 hours

    Hi, when I post Stream posts it shows it was published 2 hours ago: I suppose its related with Timezone, but do not know where to change it.
  5. mkw

    Loop - Blocks question

    How can I hide "Read more" text in Blocks layout? Now it shows twice - in the text and in the button. I know I could switch to "Show excerpt" mode but would like to hide "Read more" link in text in "Show full text (default)" mode.
  6. mkw

    Spaces between blog posts

    Another basic question :) How can I change the space between blog posts?
  7. mkw

    Is there MD shortcodes list available?

    Hi, I cannot find list of shortcodes. Could you help me please?
  8. mkw

    Main backgroud color

    Hi, what parameter should I change to change the color of the site's main backgroud?