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    The Swiper library could not be loaded

    Hi team, I'm trying to put in a slideshow of images. I get the error "The Swiper library could not be loaded." The slideshow does actually show up. Just get the error message which is a little concerning. Any hints on why this occurs? Edit: Digging deeper, I believe this is the slideshow from...
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    Grid Like Blog Listing

    Just upgraded to MD5 Transition was straightforward except for 1 thing: Lost the grid layout of blog teasers. (3 grid column) Any chance of getting this back?
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    Email CTA alignment

    Thank you very much for the guidance! Love the options with the floating bars.
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    Email CTA alignment

    Hi, Lots of changes to MD since I last used. Looking unfamiliar but feature rich! I would like to have an image left aligned, and an email form right aligned. Seems simple but I haven't found how to do this with the CTA tool. Also, the idea is that the email sign up is in given in exchange for...
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    More than 5 site licences?

    Excellent! Thanks Alex. All the best :)
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    More than 5 site licences?

    Hi Alex, Looking to get a few more sites up. Is there an option to have more than 5 sites live? How can we do this please? -Rafa
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    Affiliate tool / plugin

    Hi Alex and all MDers, I'm looking for a tool to create affiliate links for others. Just to be clear, others will be affiliates for my program. I know MD itself offers affiliate links--can I ask what plugin / system is used for this of if anything is recommended? Thanks! Rafa
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    Header Menu Button Colour

    Hi Alex, Love MD, getting better with every update! My site has a header menu button linking to a MD popup. (I turned this on within "Popup hotspots") It is orange. I haven't found a way to change this.  I have built the site with a green theme so it looks a bit odd. Am I...
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    Header left/right spacing

    Hi Alex, I am building a new site- not yet live. The design challenge I have is with the left/right spacing of the header. The logo defaults to far left, while the header menu defaults to the far right. I would like to adjust these to the same widths as the content box. Perhaps I missed it...
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    Requesting help with tweaking CSS

    Hi Alex, that was a fast reply!  If you look at the About or Contact page it looks like this. (the homepage is the dropdown link) does that make sense? That was a fa
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    Requesting help with tweaking CSS

    Hi Alex, Thanks for your message. Following your kind offer, I would like to ask for some guidance in tweaking the CSS for my site: 1) I'd like to change the colour of the copyright footer. It has defaulted to grey. 2) I'd like to change the colour of buttons...