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  1. Alex

    Changes to your MD forum account

    As you login to your forum account today you may notice that you do not have full posting privileges you are used to. Don't worry, you haven't done anything wrong and restoring your posting access is as easy as going to to the newly redesigned MD account area to verify your forum username(s)...
  2. Alex

    The MD Labs is back open for business

    With our July summer break concluded I am excited to reopen the MD Labs for full business! You can expect much faster replies here on the forums, great new blog posts and other new kind of content, as well as a boom in new MD releases and features. We hope you have been enjoying yourself this...
  3. Alex

    Happy Summer 2020!

    This is a late summer greetings but the theme of the season is not always timeliness. ;) In fact it is a good time to look back on the year's accomplishments and progress in life, and the archives of projects we have started online is a great indicator of where we're at. You can measure your...
  4. Alex

    "I am releasing my record one song at a time." - the release of BLUVNBU album

    Over the years I have watched a lifelong friend of mine Matt grow into an accomplished musician, business owner, and thinker (to name a few). In the same time period we have been building his website (and other iterations) slowly from a small blog and a place to hype the release of his new...
  5. Alex

    MD5.2 Dropins Manager - a system for importing styles, templates, and dropins

    The next evolution for Marketers Delight is what will be known as the Dropins Manger. The big picture is that it will make importing existing Dropins to your site as easy as installing a plugin. But in the finer details, it adds an entire system that will make your site data portable and allow...
  6. Alex

    Page Speed Messiahs

    I wrote a little rant on the MD stream today about people I am obnoxiously calling the Page Speed Messiahs. You may have seen them yourselves and hopefully have not been deceived into hiring them for their services which generally consist of installing and configuring multiple "performance"...
  7. Alex

    The ideal website structure

    The more websites I make and even the regular ones I visit, I can't help but see a pattern in how the structure of the site is laid out. I think it is worth examining here because we are in an era where in most cases just offering a blog isn't enough, and conversely building a website where...
  8. Alex

    Pros/cons list for blocks editor

    As suggested by @gauravtiwari in another thread:
  9. Alex

    Released MD5.1.1 now available

    This past month we have focused on the stability and usability side of Marketers Delight and are delivering them neatly into MD5.1.1. As new sites are coming on board to MD5.0 we are finding new ways to enhance the use cases of many of MD's far-reaching features and make them all work together...
  10. Alex

    Share your stream posts

    I blew off the dust on the MD Stream and posted about a powerful moment I had while putting the final touches on the new Magic Loops feature coming this Friday. It was such an emotional moment for me and one I wanted to quickly share, and knowing that I had the perfect format to quickly write...
  11. Alex

    Submitting bug reports

    If you believe you have found a bug or unexpected issue while using Marketers Delight use this forum to submit a report for verification by a staff member. Our goal is to keep this forum as close to empty as possible and with your help we can make MD as bug free as possible. It is important...
  12. Alex

    Fixed Gutenberg inconsistent styles

    In WordPress 5.4 much of the underlying markup in Gutenberg has been changed and some of the styles in lib/admin/css/block-editor.css need to be updated to match the frontend again.
  13. Alex

    Historic MD screenshots

    Found some old screenshots of the MD admin panel on a super old site running MD4.4.2 and thought I'd share them here. You couldn't pay me to go back in time and be back at that version, but it is incredibly cool to see how far we have come from 2016. This was the time period where MD was a theme...
  14. Alex

    Released Marketers Delight 5.0.9 quick dev notes

    In case any of you see the update before the official announcement, MD5.0.9 (see changelog) is officially available and ready for download! This maintenance release marks the end of the "ease-in period" for new and existing sites to get onto the massive new MD5.0 release, and tightens up the...
  15. Alex

    [Ideas thread] Email forms enhancements

    MD makes it easy to integrate basic email forms around your site with various email marketing services, and due to popular demand it is time to start upgrading what those forms can do. The focus of the next minor features release after the impending MD5.0.9 maintenance release will be to add a...
  16. Alex

    Pre-hyping a new Dropin release

    Hey guys, wanted to show you another use case I found for the Floating Bars feature in MD Optins. You may have seen me around the forums the past few days talking to myself in the XenForo Comments thread, that's because I was testing a new Dropin idea. I spent the weekend developing the core...
  17. Alex

    Testing XenForo Integration

    I have given myself a little weekend side project to integrate forum replies as comments on the MD blog. I will be releasing this as a Dropin once done, but I thought this would be a great way to encourage all discussions to go on here at the forums rather than get lost as blog comments. Want...
  18. Alex

    Welcome to the new MD Forums!

    Hello everyone, as you can see the MD Forums have been completely redesigned and reorganized to give us a better support and discussion experience. For starters I migrated to a completely new forum software called XenForo (previously using IPB). This is easily the best and most highly...
  19. Alex

    Restaurant Online Order popup

    Thought I'd share something I made today using MD Optins and some helper classes. Check out what happens when you click "Order Online" at the top right hand side of the restaurant site. I hope this concept can be useful to some of you, so I pasted the HTML code I used...
  20. Alex

    Support MD on Product Hunt!

    Hey everybody, a good friend and longtime support of MD has just posted us to Product Hunt, and I'd love if you could also take a minute to help upvote the post to get some attention! Marketers Delight is the best WordPress theme the...