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  1. justincaron

    New Md2 Website For My Upcoming Plugin Launch

    looks great, it's laid out very well
  2. justincaron

    3 Chronicl Websites

    Good start http://cookingwiththedonnerparty.com - your homepage and about page are returning 404s http://californiaguardcardonline.com - something's wrong with the style on your about page, you should put up a contact form on your contact page. listing your email on a page isn't a good idea - any bot crawling your site can pick it up http://californiaguardcardonline.com - you should disable comments on your static pages
  3. justincaron

    Relaunch Diwyy.com On Md2

    Ah okay, again this is just my personal opinion. I'm by no means a colour expert lol! When I design a site I try to stay within a certain scope of colour hue. The reason why is because with most of your colors being similar, when one is different, it really sticks out, and catches people's attention (IE: your call to actions). If I were you, I would go with Pink, Red, and Orange. Pink for the logo, Red for buttons and Orange for call to actions. Orange pops out the most to me out of the 3, and your call to actions should be where you're driving your traffic. Yeah for the green, red, etc. I figured you just left them at the default settings, I didn't know if you were planning on changing them or not though For the header I meant did you upload it through Thesis > Header Image ? If you go and remove the header from there the text should be clickable. If the text isn't, I'm assuming it would be a Wordpress issue, if it is clickable, it would be a MD or image issue. I try to always eliminate as many of the potential causes before looking for help, I've fixed computers for a number of years, and this is how I thought myself. I don't have any formal training, I just do the process of elimination Looks like you've got the other issues sorted out. When it comes to fonts I try to always stick with web-friendly fonts. I know the selection is smaller, but this way I can ensure a fast load time and cross-browser and cross-platform compability. I do like your Nova font though, it's stylish Again, overall the site looks great, I'm impressed
  4. justincaron

    Relaunch Diwyy.com On Md2

    Hey Bret, The design looks great, looks like you've put a lot of time and effort into every page! My only question is, do you have a specific colour scheme for the site? You've got a lot of competing colors; pink, blue, orange, red, green. It's hard on my eyes, I don't know where I'm supposed to be looking are you using a plugin to get the Proxima Nova font to work? for pinterest do you mean something like at the bottom of this page? I found a plugin that works great for adding a little "pin it" button at the bottom of posts/pages (you can choose) http://tymeless.ca/uncategorized/summer-2012 if you remove the logo image, is the text clickable?
  5. justincaron

    Md2 Work In Progress

    Thank you both, that was quick Alex: 1) Yeah, I'm not usually a fan of them either, but I do like this particular slider(riva slider). I found it on deadmau5's website before his most recent update 2) Am working on a logo, in the interim i switched the color to white, and you're right it is easier on the eyes 3) Removed 4) I did have an Optin form setup, but it's hard to justify the $30 / month for Aweber right now when I'm not getting much interaction. I know I should get it anyways, and probably will in the next few weeks/months after I work out the kinks to make it look the way I want (your tutorials are great, I just got stuck in a few places and need to work through them) 5) The footer definitely needs something in there, I'm not going to use a fat footer, so I'll likely use a call to action Bret, Yeah you're right, I've got a Business Degree so I know a few things about marketing, people don't want to read all the fluff about how great I am, and how I do this and I do that. They're there and are asking themselves "How am I going to benefit from this?" so I try to answer that question clearly and consistently 1) Once i get the optin form setup, I'll be adding it to quite a few places, it's a good call to action 2) I think you're probably referring to my design page, and yes it's (very) lengthy. I'm going to split it up into 3 separate sub-pages and use more photos, just haven't got there yet I'm using jetpack and it's just their standard form. Not sure why, but Alex's icons from MD2 (human icon, email icon) get pulled automatically into any form you create which is why i still use it http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/jetpack/
  6. justincaron

    Md2 Work In Progress

    website: http://justincaron.com I've had MD2 installed for about 5 weeks now, and really enjoy it. I realize the site has incomplete/naked pages, but please give me any feedback, even if it's negative I'd appreciate honesty Thanks!
  7. justincaron

    Md2 Site - Let Me Know What You Think

    The site looks really good, one of the better MD2 implementations I must say 1 small suggestion: Use Blog article images above or below your article titles. People won't read a page full of text, but if an image catches their attention, then they will read the text Here's what I've done with my blog as an example: http://justincaron.com/blog
  8. justincaron

    My New Site With Md2 (What I've Done With No Experience)

    Hi Margaret, for someone without any experience, I think you're off to a really good start Personally, I would: add a "home" button change your posts to only display the excerpts not the entire article - this way people can scroll through through and easily see all the titles If you're looking specifically for feedback, you should post in the Showcase section, where people give reviews of recent designs http://kolakube.com/forum/index.php?/forum/22-showcase/