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  1. Ray

    What's Next For Marketers Delight?

    Good stuff Alex. I think SD is a great idea, and I've always wanted pre-made templates for MD. Having more design options will certainly make things easier for those of us that are "design-challenged"
  2. Ray

    First Md Site (Success!)

    Hey Max, Your site has a really clean layout. You chose a great color palette ...and I love the animation. You did a great job with MD...especially with this being your first site built with Marketers Delight. Congrats!
  3. Ray

    Im Back With Md 4.5

    making a slight change, but I should be able to get back at it tonight. I'll keep you posted. thanks for checking up on me.
  4. Ray

    Im Back With Md 4.5

    Edit: 10/1/2016 I'm gonna take a shot at this tonight. Thanks.
  5. Ray

    Im Back With Md 4.5

    I want to add a pop-up button next to the 'click me' button on Nowtastic, and an email lead to raylosophy, but I'm having a hard time getting the email lead and pop-up button to look the way that I want. I'm working on client stuff so I'll have to wait until this weekend to mess around with my sites. Thanks for the heads-up on my comments. It definitely was not intentional.
  6. Ray

    Im Back With Md 4.5

    Hey, I'm back and my hacked sites are back as well. It's been a rough couple of weeks but the MD update couldn't have come at a better time. raylosophy.com is sporting a fresh new design. I stuck with a very simple design but I think it looks good. Also, I've activated MD 4.5 on Nowtastic.com. There's a long story with that site but it's back with its new look. I still need to add the pop-ups functionality and email page lead to raylosophy but overall I'm extremely happy with MD4.
  7. Ray

    Nowtastic (Indie Publisher)

    Been busy working with clients and other side projects. We'll have to catch up soon.
  8. I'm paraphrasing but, like Alex says "MD makes building a business with a blog easier." He's right! Setting up a site for nowtastic.com was a lot easier with Marketers Delight. The site has a very minimalist aesthetic - check it out and let me know what you think.
  9. Ray

    Marketers Delight 4.4

    Looking forward to it.
  10. Hey everyone, The Kolokube Forums are back and I'm proud to showcase my new Consulting services site - Raylosophy.com. I'm using the latest version of MD (4.3) along with the following plugins: Akismet Comments Leadboard (by Kolakube) Easy Digital Downloads w/a bunch of addons Google Analytics Gravity Forms Imsanity Marketers Delight Plugins Menu Icons Share Buttons Simple URLs Subtitles WP Minify WP Super Cache Yoast SEO I've was fortunate enough to have Alex customize some very specific aspects of the site. My products page is still a work in progress and is still not live on the site, but I hope to have it up and ready for business by the end of the month. It would be great to get any and all feedback on the look, feel and flow of the website. I'm looking forward to tweaking Raylosophy and creating more sites w/MD. See you around the forum!
  11. Ray

    The Kolakube Forums Grand Reopening!

    Hey man, it's been an absolute pleasure working with you over these past few months on Raylosophy, and I'm extremely proud of you for being so transparent and candid with us. Your contributions to WP & Thesis are well documented but probably a little under-appreciated by most. Despite the challenges you've faced over the years, you've managed to deliver amazing products (MD, MD Plugin, Comments Leaderboard, etc) inspiration and great leadership in this ever growing WP community. The Kolakube Forums are back and here to stay! Thank you, Congrats and keep pushing!
  12. Ray

    All New Personal Branding/insurance Site On Md3.1

    Your site looks amazing Chris. That's the best use of MD3 I've seen on this forum.
  13. Hey Tom, Webpage Journey looks great! I especially love the "post wide" featured images (How did you do that?). The 'in-post' table of content is a nice touch. Not sure if this was by design or not, but the icon you're using in the Navigation menu for 'contact' is different than the icon being used for the Archive Title.
  14. Ray

    I'm Using Md3 For Nowtastic.com

    Hey Gavin, Thanks for the compliment. I was able to use the Kolakube style guide to add some small customizations so I hope you're able to do the same. Fonts: - Main Font - Gill Sans - Headlines - Arial Black - Nav Menu - Gill Sans For the icons I followed the Kolakube Style Guide and applied Font Awesome codes to the menu.