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  1. Linking back is something I'm experimenting with but unless something changes in the next few weeks, I'll remove the button. As you know, the goal is to keep the email clean, and distraction-free, so if the button isn't leading to conversation about the content, I'll remove it. And yes -- I'd say 70% of my website traffic comes from the newsletter. I really don't know. It looks as good as any sidebar is going to look on mobile. Adding a button/right-pointing arrow to the header would be a slick way to 'Make Sidebars Great Again'. Will do. Thanks again for your support brother!
  2. Okay, here's another update. - I've moved the opt-in form to the main site. - I've also removed the thank you page. Yup, the same thank you page I was so proud of, in my previous update. Ha...easy come, easy go. But seriously, I came up with a better way to engage my visitors so it made sense to remove it. - I've updated the color scheme to add a little pop to my header, and I'm actually using a sidebar in 2019/2020....😲 Don't worry, it looks great on desktop, and pretty good on mobile. Why would I use a sidebar? Because my site is built around a daily email/newsletter and instead of having 10-20 entries on my posts page, I've decided to only post the (single) most recent piece of content. Which means if/when someone visits the site on mobile and begins to scroll - they'll hit my sidebar content pretty fast thus making my sidebar just as valuable as a second, third, or fourth post. Which brings me to my last note. - The Stream, which I had been using as my newsletter archive page has been converted to my blog. I made the switch because I'd rather have the content from my newsletter indexed by the search engines, than my general updates about the site. Anyway, that's all for now. Happy New Year.
  3. Hey MD fam -- I'm back with an update. If you care, read on, if you don't -- continue reading anyway 😎 So since my first post, I've been able to grow my email list by 20%, but the web traffic is pretty flat. To be fair, I haven't put any time or resources into driving traffic to the site, but my publishing schedule (and approach) for 2020 is a little more intentional, so I expect traffic to pick up. How am I using MD? 1. I've removed the 'subscribe' button from the header. Not because I no longer want visitors to subscribe, but because I want to direct visitors to pages that offer a little more insight into what Library66 is all about. 2. I no longer have a side-bar, therefore, the content spotlight widget is no longer in use. 3. I've also disabled the share function (for now) but I'll re-enable it shortly. 4. I've added MD font icons to the header. They look great and get a lot more clicks that text alone. 5. I'm using the Gallery-Block dropin for my 'Thank You' page. I've always loved the GB dropin, and once I figured out the best way to use it, I took the extra step of stripping it down by removing the button and pop-up feature. Take a look and see if you can tell me (with a straight face) that you don't love it. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve/optimize my site or make better use of MD's features, feel free to submit your feedback below. 6. I've disabled and removed the Rank Math SEO plugin. I might install Yoast this week, but I'm not sure yet. If you have any feedback on how I can further optimize/improve my site -- please comment below. Oh, and when you get a chance, let me/us know how you're using MD. Inspiration is always welcome.
  4. ehhh. Change or die, right? Ha! This looks really good. Slick, simple, and intuitive -- exactly what I've come to expect from MD.
  5. Good stuff. I actually like the Customizer so with an improved live experience and more control coming w/MD5.0 is exciting news.
  6. Thanks for the support brother. Good call on the teaser styling, it looks a lot better now.
  7. So I finally did it. And I did it on MD. What did I do? Glad you asked. I launched a distraction-free daily newsletter around one of my favorite sources of inspiration and hope - The Bible. For me, The Bible is a library of 66 books, hence the name of my (fairly) new site - Library66.com How am I using Marketers Delight? Marketers Delight provides a clean, minimalist canvas to highlight the most important aspects of my new venture. The content. 1. Having the flexibility to customize the background color, text color, link-text color, text spacing, and top/bottom height in the header was a great start during the development phase. 2. I added a (bold) subscribe button to the header menu which draws the attention (of desktop visitors) to the most important call to action on my site. The button looks great, and took less than 2 seconds to apply. 3. As with all digital newsletters, it's important to offer an archive of past newsletter issues. So for this, I decided to use The Stream. Using The Stream as my newsletter archive gives tells potential subscribers that Library66 is a different kind of newsletter. The care and attention to detail I'm showing the archive is indicative of how important Library66 is to me, and I believe it will lead to greater engagement and a great source of email subscribers. 4. Using the Content Spotlight widget to showcase my featured content. 5. Enabled the share buttons at the bottom of my posts, but I might try the Share Notice Editor Block instead. 6. I'm currently hosting the opt-in form/page on a subdomain but would like to use an Email Page Lead (site wide). Just waiting to get my hands on MD 5.0 Which plugins am I using? 1. LuckyWP Table of Contents - activate. You can see it on all of my featured posts. 2. Rank Math SEO - active. I don't think I'm going to keep it, but for now, it's my SEO plugin of choice. 3. Classic Editor - inactive. What else? Library66 is growing and I'm getting a lot of positive feedback on the speed and look of the site so Kudos to @Alex If you have any suggestions on how I can improve/optimize my site or make better use of MD's features, feel free to submit your feedback below.
  8. Hey, I'm hardly the guy you want advice from when it comes to building your list, but here are my thoughts. You really won't know what works for your site and your audience until you try a few things. Try all of it or none of it, but the beauty of MD is that you have all of those options. Everything is really just theory until you find out what works for YOUR audience. However, my list building success has almost always come down to presenting an experience that's true to the niche and audience I'm trying to serve. So with that said - you should get to know your audience and design your onboarding process to fit them.
  9. That was a lot of honesty and transparency Mr. Mangini. On behalf of myself and the business I've run (largely on MD) — thank you. Oh, and I think you just wrote ↑ your mission statement my friend.
  10. I like seeing MDs landing page as the front page. Incidentally, the footer 'Blog' link still redirects to your landing page (marketersdelight.com) As far as my the Group Benefits Marketplace - it's separate from Raylosophy. I'm using Group Rewards Plus dot com for Los Angeles Groups and Businesses. The business proposition is pretty simple. I'll get group organizers (Los Angeles Fire Department, National Audubon Society, or a local Fitness Gym, etc) to sign-up for free access to deals, discounts, and offers from businesses that they want to get deals from. They'll tell me what they want, and I'll reach out to those types of businesses - customers in hand - to see if they're interested in offering a short-run, or long-term discount. Each group will have their own page, and businesses will be able to pay for placement on a group pages. The cost for each business will largely depend on how long they want placement and the size of the group. The plan is to set it up and hire someone to run the day-to-day. I'm also putting together a less intense version of this for startups and online businesses. Just staying busy.
  11. Skipping the beach and bbq's this (4th of July) weekend. Instead I'll complete an audit of my clients e-course. Finish reading 'Built To Last' by Jim Collins Continue setting up a Group Benefits marketplace where businesses/companies will pay for access to specific groups. It's like Groupon - with a twist. I already have 2 co's signed-up, now it's time to get this thing up and running. Time permitting (on Sunday), I'll create a few custom sidebars for my main site.
  12. Haha! I think my hate for Gutenberg comes from the irrational side of my brain. The truth is, I'm finally used-to WP and really just want to publish content, but Gutenberg seems to get in the way. On your recommendation, I'll use a draft page to play around with Gutenberg. Maybe I'll learn to love it. Then when it comes to Really Simple SSL - I don't need it, but like I said, I'm all about supporting certain developers, and I use it to facilitate the SSL functionality I get from Cloudflare. Like Jason Fried (Basecamp founder) says in most of his books, stay lean for as long as you can, and don't hire people until it hurts not to have help in that particular area. You will have to hire/build a team, but stay lean for as long as you can.
  13. Memberful's a pretty good option if you want something simple. And moving away from 1:1 coaching/consulting towards something scalable and/or passive is ideal. For me, the idea is to focus on one small aspect of my consulting. I sold my service as "Monetization Strategies", however, more often than not, I found myself encouraging my client and trying to reassure them that moving forward and taking action is the only way to find out if their idea will actually work. We can do a ton of research, and we can validate our ideas, products, and service offerings, but at the end of the day - we have to just do something if we want to find out if the thing we're working on can become a real business. Those sort of conversations led me to start publishing content, behind a subscription. Anyway, good luck with your transition Ivan.
  14. note: This is probably not going to be grammatically correct, but I'm just gonna freestyle this one. . . . . . . Back in January I began the long process of transitioning my business from a (fairly successful) Consulting biz to an Online learning co. The reason is pretty simple - I no longer want to trade time for money. While I enjoy working 1:1 with my clients, I'm a lot more interested in working smarter, and not harder, so.... Turning my website from a simple (static) contact portal to a legitimate (dynamic) website capable of presenting text, audio, and video content to my subscribers has been painless. I wanted my site to be lightweight, fast, flexible, and beautiful. Which is why I had-to go with MD. Without going into ever single detail (I'll save that for another time), I've successfully re-launched Raylosophy dot com as a content hub supported by subscriptions. 350+ paying subscribers later, and I'm still optimizing my site. I want to offer a distraction free...content focused...mobile & web optimized experience, and thanks to Alexs' laser focused pursuit of perfection - Marketers Delight is making my job a lot easier. Instead of worrying about which plugins I need to install, activate, deactivate, etc...I can spend that time testing the built-in features. Right now, I six plugins installed, and only 5 of them active. 1. Classic Editor - because I really hate Gutenberg. 2. Google XML Sitemaps - because its the smart thing to do. 3. Memberful - because I need to manage my membership site, and Memberful seems like the best option. 4. Really Simple SSL - because I want to support these developers, and every site needs to be secure. 5. Stripe Payments (inactive) - because I might not KEEP Memberful. Instead I might want to simply deliver my daily content via email, and keep each "newsletter issue" archived on the site - in which case I won't need something like memberful. I might go with using a PayPal link and a simple login page for anyone looking to access the site. The point is, I love plugins, but I love my supporters more - and providing the best possible experience is what I want to do. 6. Lastly, I'm using WP Offload Media Lite - because I (again) want to keep my site lightweight, and storing images and downloadable content on Amazon (s3) is the way to go. Okay, so this post is a little longer than I wanted it to be, but I've gotten so much value from the MD Forums that it's only right that I give a little back. Alex gives us so much with MD that I always have to remind myself that Kolakube/MD is essentially, a one-man-shop. Think about that for a sec. He's running software company by himself, and has a critical hand in the businesses of thousands of entrepreneurs. I'm grateful for MD, and my success is MD's success. Again - I apologize for spelling and grammatical errors, but I just wanted to get this out there. Ray.
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