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    I'm into growth. That includes anything that helps you grow as a person. Fitness, critical thinking exercises, whatever. I love to learn and grow.


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    I'm a US Army veteran with a mind of his own.
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  1. Sean Davis

    Goingup Social - Marketing Consultancy On Md2

    That's a great story, Daniel. There's something about military service that does one of two things to most people. Either they a) get complacent and just stick with it.... not challenging themselves to do more when the opportunity arises. Or 2) they leave the service and continue to keep a high standard with everything... including life. That usually leads to building business and writing your own future. Glad to be in the same club, my man. As for the site, just like everyone else, I think it looks outstanding! Everyone has already given the pointers I would have said except for one. And this is really just a matter of opinion but something that I have learned along the way. I used to think up color schemes for my sites and I would just dive right into them. I'd get generic backgrounds and all that good stuff. But for my color scheme, every link, icon, headline, important text, button, etc. would have to fit the scheme. What I always ended up with was a 2-3 colored site. For example, your logo is the yellowish color and so are the menu links. Back in the day, I just HAD to have the menu links fit the color scheme because I would fear that people wouldn't realize I even had a color scheme! But then I realized that not every item on the screen had to be my main colors. So I started making the menu links more generic... like black or really dark gray. And I'd give them a hover state to make the color scheme. What this did was... 1) Keep me from having too many unrelated elements on a given page use the same color... which takes away from the importance each element would have had if it was one of the only few elements with that color. (Think taking notes in a textbook in school and every line on the page gets highlighted. Now, it's all regular text again.) 2) It allowed me guide the visitor through a sequence of events on each page. Starting in the top left with my logo, they wouldn't see my color scheme jump out again until the next action I wanted them to take... like an optin. Take a look at a screenshot of my site. Though the turquoise-ish color is the big part of my scheme... you only see it here for very specific reasons. The logo must have it... get right down to requesting a quote... sign up for my email list... or read more of my articles which will lead you to more strategically used colors. Notice my menu links are just regular old black... even the far right link wasn't special enough to get the color treatment. It's important so I made it stand out. But it's not important enough to get the main color. So I guess what I'm saying is that colors have the ability to cry wolf... so you should consider using them sparingly. When people see them, they have to have faith that it's an important item AND you have to quickly tell them what purpose that item serves. I'm rambling!!!
  2. I agree with everyone... the site looks great. I was actually admiring your site a few days ago. The color combination is one of my favorites. What I like the most is that you don't depend on the skin to do everything for you. You stepped outside of MD2 and put your own touch on everything. That's how it should be done. The about me widget is wonderful and the footer is just awesome. The only thing I would suggest is a little something more to make the logo memorable. Not that it's not a good logo, but all the way down to the orange portion of it gets drowned out by how much brighter the orange is everywhere else. When i leave your site, I remember the site... but not your brand or the name of your site. So that could hurt retention.
  3. Sean Davis

    Md2 Strikes Back! Simply Amazing -

    Hey, Jason! Alright but we're going to have to go over your Feature Box area and fix some things. We also have to do something about the area we created to go beneath your Feature Box. It was created before MD was responsive and now it just throws everything off. Let me know when we can chit chat one on one.
  4. I agree 100%. Good call, mrbrady.
  5. Very good use of MD2! From a visitors standpoint, the only thing I would request is that I am led through the process in a better way. When I land on the homepage, I see steps 1, 2, and 3. Once I go into step 1, I'm fine reading everything. But the calls to action at the bottom scare me. Reason being, I don't know if they lead me to step 2 or somewhere else. Because you established the steps early on, I have this weird feeling that I need to go through them before I make a decision. Weird... I know. So I would concentrate on guiding the visitor through those steps if you're going to establish them on the homepage. Besides that, very clean and well put together!
  6. Sean Davis

    Taxreceipts.com - My Md 2.2 Skin

    Hey, Mike. It's mainly CSS, yes. PHP has definitely been used there to change the structure of some things. But CSS styles it all. You'll want to Google CSS tutorials to start your journey. It's not an overnight thing but you have to start somewhere.
  7. Sean Davis

    Md2 Site - The Bulletproof Musician

    That's just the normal menu, ichimoku1. MD2 comes with two menus and he's using both. The header menu only has one link in it and it's styled to be the red button. And the other menu is the main menu. It's really no different than the demo. http://demo.kolakube.com/marketers-delight/
  8. Sean Davis

    Md2 Site - The Bulletproof Musician

    That was a great suggestion, Shaun. I'd have to agree.
  9. Sean Davis

    Md2 Site - The Bulletproof Musician

    I'm not even going to lie... that looks beautiful! I would have never guessed that your chosen background color would look good on MD2. You're pulling it off, though. The ONLY thing I would change is the layout of your "7 More Reasons to Sign Up" page linked in your sidebar optin form. I would make that a landing page to cut out all of the distractions. And I would put an optin form after the 7 reasons. I have the shortest optin page in Wordpress history on one of my blogs. But as you can see, there isn't much else to do there but sign up. Great job, man. I really like it.
  10. Sean Davis

    I Have One More Md2 Site

    Looking good, Ray! Just like last time, there's only one little thing I would change. You have interior layout borders enabled and it's showing pretty heavy under your header and above your footer. Dashboard => Thesis => Design Options => Fonts, Colors, and More! => Body (and Content Area) => Show interior layout borders. Very nice and simple besides that!
  11. Sean Davis

    Check Out My Md2 Site

    Oh most definitely. I thought you were just choosing to go page width because you like it better. Full width should have been automatically selected once the DAT file was uploaded during installation.
  12. Sean Davis

    Check Out My Md2 Site

    Ray, I remember when you first posted your site in the forums. I thought it was funny lol. I still do. I actually like the design options you've chosen... with the normal page look instead of the full width. You put it together well. The only thing I would adjust is the border you've selected in Dashboard => Thesis => Design Options => Fonts, Colors, and More! => Body (and Content Area) => Add a cool shadow effect to your layout. Because everything is white, instead of a double shadow being added, it just looks like your interior layout lines don't reach the edge. Take a look real quick, for instance, at the very left edge of your header or very right edge of your sidebar. I think it looks better with this CSS added to your custom.css file... removing the 0.3em white space (border): .custom #container { padding: 0; } Either way, great job!
  13. Sean Davis

    Azblogtips.com With Thesis 1.8.4 And Md 2.2.2

    Very nice! It's funny that you have a Thesis Awesome ad on a Kolakube skin, though. Kolakube Affiliate Program I would take it a little easier on both of those menus. The header menu might be a little overkill with the buttons. And the navigation menu has so many links that it's starting a second row. Besides that, I think it's great! Nice use of the widgets.
  14. Sean Davis

    Chronicl Skin For Blog About Renewable Energy

    Nice! The green color scheme goes perfect with the purpose of your site! I noticed the horizontal scroll as well. I couldn't exactly pinpoint what was causing it, though. I use Chronicl myself and I also decided to toss a little content to the right side of my navigation bar. I think that was a great touch!
  15. Sean Davis

    Gotta Share The Love!

    I saw that. I cracked a little smile and shook my head in approval. "Nice."