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  1. Just to share with you that I have just finished installed Thesis 2 + MD3 for my personal blog without any big customization. I am happy with what I have now and trying to make it unique sooner: My URL: http://www.eblogviet.com
  2. blogviet

    Azblogtips.com With Thesis 1.8.4 And Md 2.2.2

    Hard to say in details but it seems you ignore some great ready widgets in appearance->widgets in your admin menu You can go to thesis designs to set contents as excerpts get posts arranged as mine too. The header image should be your logo and follow the previous topic to get it down correct, I don't have logo so I leave it as text Refer to kolakube.com/docs to know how to make menu with colors as mine too
  3. blogviet

    Azblogtips.com With Thesis 1.8.4 And Md 2.2.2

    LOL, I am a fan of Thesis and Genesis and I am promoting different products that can generate revenue, the reason is simple: I am an internet marketer Just fixed the menu for categories and it should work fine now. Great improvement since the first release of MD2, I am trying to tweak it more to make it unique. Thanks @Sean for great support. I paid you guys a sweet review, my first hands-on for MD2 at http://azblogtips.com/reviews/marketers-delight-review.html Damn as I forgot subscribing to this thread and not aware of your replies
  4. Just to notice this showcase and wanna to show off mine LOL: http://azblogtips.com Any comments and feedbacks are welcome