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  1. shaun_oreilly

    All Constructive Feedback/advice Welcome

    Hi Martin, I can see that you've put a lot of effort into your site. Here's some constructive feedback that I think will make your site better... There are too many different and uncoordinated colors on your site - especially on the home page. For example, on the home page there's the dull orange background to your text box, bright blue in your logo and some icons, dark red buttons, bright green buttons, pink hyperlinks in the footer as well as different shades of gray and black. This multi-colored uncoordinated look and feel of your site creates a poor first impression - even though your content is likely good (I don't know, I haven't read it carefully). Most well designed sites have a very small number of colors that work well together. Think branding. To improve your site instantly, I'd recommend choosing just two main colors that work very well together and use them for your site rather than having so many disparate colors that clash. I hope the above feedback is useful for you Martin. Dedicated to mutual success, Shaun
  2. shaun_oreilly

    Md2 Site - The Bulletproof Musician

    Hi Noa, I think that you've adapted MD2 to your site beautifully. The design looks unique, clean and the colors co-ordinate well too. The only improvement I'd suggest is modifying the graphic for the edge of the envelope on your contact page: http://www.bulletproofmusician.com/contact/ Modify the image to remove the blue diagonal stripes and use a color that co-ordinates better for your site. Great site though. Dedicated to mutual success, Shaun