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  1. I was blessed to have stood on the frontlines with you these past 6 months and I can testify to everyone here that this is incredible news! I can see why some folks here are sensing a bit of guilt and unfair pressure you are putting on yourself... but, I can can also testify that when reading between the lines, you are just revealing your dedication and passion for MD and how much greater an impact it could have with this major shift in focus beginning Oct 15th. As individual creators and collective members of the MD community, it is important that we hold ourselves accountable to dive in deeper and become our own master of MD/Wordpress. And ALSO that we help keep Alex accountable to show us the way, as he has expressed his passion for! You don't have to start your own freelance business... but, WHY NOT?! I personally am inspired to do just that. As an example, I have built a music business founded on the context of personal development. My highest ticket item in my sales funnel is actually physically BUILDING out my client/fans passion on the internet using a self-hosted wordpress and the MD theme. How much could that be worth to you, to them? They sky is the limit and I have the utmost confidence knowing that Alex is in my corner if need him, but ultimately that he is leading the charge! Thank you for your transparency and all that you do Alex... looking forward to diving in deeper with MD! With Luv and Gratitude, ~/\/\~
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