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  1. Another idea for the builder: Additional options for the Main menu, in order to be able to build detailed submenus like Mickey Visit: ...as well as just simply edit how long a submenu line can be, in order not to have submenu items in two rows, like on my site:
  2. Here's a wishlist that would make my life far easier is playing about with the "content boxes", in a simple MD way: Creating multi-contentbox layouts (as an addon to pageblocks) like the layout Cam has, in order to build website like that, as well as something like the Strategyzer; Being able to clearly specify hover/mouse over effects, such as for a content box to change color or add a stronger hover on mouse over (like Strategyzer).
  3. Thanks for the recommendation of Memberful - while I researched membership software for WordPress before, I wasn't familiar with it. Like you, I'm trying to focus from consulting 1-on-1 on something more scalable!
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