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  1. Curious about the alpha testing. I'd like to contribute if you need some real life testing.
  2. I've changed from being a fulltime freelance webdesigner (only doing a few websites a year) to being a website owner a motocamel.nl Having my own popular websites makes it that I am pushing the line of what is possible with MD using the documentation you provide. I've changed from building a website and handing it over, to using the website every day myself, coming across more ideas and bugs. I know how to code and how to design, but my preferences lies more with a solution like MD which provide me with all the tools to create unique designs. So if you provide more video material, showing us how to push the boundaries with MD, not only will most of us be building better websites, but visitors (or clients) want all the goodness they're experiencing on our websites.
  3. Thanks for being Honest Alex. I've also been somewhat dissapointed by MD lately. I feel it has so much more potential, but it has been stagnating for a while now. Seeing you make the decision to stop taking on freelance work and focus on MD really really makes my day! I'd also love to see you complete a serie on how to use the full potential of MD. You started a few YouTube series, but never completed it. Same goes for some articles. I think a good combination of articles and video's would give current users a boost to start working on their MD site again. While at the same time, it gives potential customers the push to purchase MD because of all the great features.
  4. Great to see you make such progress. I kinda like that MD is sort of a personal thing from Alex, instead of a theme from a big faceless company. Personally I would like to see the drop-ins be released in the coming months. I really think that would benefit the current MD community and show potential customers that MD can be extended in many ways. I'd also love to see more in-depth tutorials on how to create custom pages with code. People like me who use MD for client work allready know how to code and want to make every MD website look unique.
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