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  1. I was just reading up on drop ins. Taking a shot here but have you gone to your marketers delight tab and then selected saved settings? https://marketersdelight.com/dropins-installation-guide/
  2. Thanks! I'm just as eager to get things going. It's only a couple of pages but it's a lot of work starting out. I'm trying to figure out where to paste the short code after designing the form. I downloaded ninja forms and I like it better then contact form 7 so far (we set something like that up on our current site). I really like marketers delight and how easy you've made things for novices like myself. I've made sure to also upload the child theme so if I make any customizations they'll stick.
  3. Yes it does! I forgot how I did it before. I think I used contact form 7. I'll check out Ninja forms also. Thanks for the assist!
  4. Hello! I run a electrical service business and I'm trying to figure out if I can do a form for scheduling service calls. Essentially need a form that captures customers first name, last name, email (required), telephone number (required), Address (required) as well as a brief description of what they want done. Any ideas?
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