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  1. I didn't mean it like that. Everything is automated, no manually stuff for me. I meant that i don't use the checkbox, even if it is maybe required by some laws nowdays (not sure for paying customers though), because i need them on my mailinglijst to sent them automated mails for the course. So i just didn't want the checkbox, because then it's optional to subscribe. To bad there isn't any bridge yet for EDD/WP and Invision. I used to sync WP contacts with IPBWI for WordPress v4, but that plugin looks outdated now.
  2. I'm using the WooCommerce Quick Checkout (paid) plugin to make multiple checkout pages. Not really a big drawback i think, but i get your point. For the few websites that sell digital and physical products, it would be awesome to select what they want for each product. It's not possible to add a email signup checkbox out of the box. I'm using a plugin to do this (ES Woocommerce ActiveCampaign), but i'm not using the checkbox feature they have, I just add new customers to my mailinglist automatically after the order is completed. I need to do it this way because i need to contact them about the course. Yes, i'm using MD Custom sidebars on the checkout page as well.
  3. Woo expert... Oh boy, I can't handle the pressure ;-) I really like the features! Cart icon and minimal checkout fields are things i need to implement on multiple websites. This will make it a lot easier. :-) With MD you can also build good salespages, but i don't like the default WooCommerce checkoutpage. That's the reason i'm using different checkout pages for each digital product (see uploaded file). Maybe this would benefit more MD customers if you could integrate this functionality into MD. :-) Since you can already connect MD to an email service provider, it would be great if you can collect email addresses when someone buys a product from your store. To segment the customers, sending tags to the email service provider with the product name would be helpfull as well.
  4. I build a course site for myself, with video courses about WordPress stuff. I'm not really using the WooCommerce part, i'm using a Quick checkout plugin (for WooCommerce) to bypass that.
  5. Hey Alex, I used LifterLMS before, but since 7 months or something i'm using Learndash as well. Integration with MD wasn't that hard. :-)
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