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  1. bambangoke

    Simple Landing Page #buildwithmd

    "want more email subscribers?" it using Action Page Lead with adding some css on child theme. for button action, i think popup with email form will be great than sending people to another landing page. for me, MD is great but right now people prefer using Live Building (Drag n Drop) where is more easier than touching code. *** Ideas for MD MD has built in MD Class Helper https://marketersdelight.net/styles/ but for someone, it's difficult to remembering all css class of MD. in my opinion, it's better to build shortcode or create MD Class helper include in Wordpress editor … so people more easier to styling post with MD Class
  2. I try to build simple landing page (on localhost) using all feature that include in MD theme. with small customize css and adding some function into function.php Here screenshot the result: for full image: http://i.imgur.com/wyxV7Vv.jpg Please give your feedback