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    Honestly....internet marketing. That is why it became my career.
  1. Brad

    My Completely Customized Md Site

    Thanks Alex, I set out to use MD differently than most people. I realized once you put this stand alone theme out that is was a framework on it's own and can be completely customized and wanted to show it off. It just took me a while to get to the stage to get this designed. Now any site I do will be on MD! I had a graphic designer come up with the homepage design concept. He sent me the files and custom coding started. I came up with the service pages like Website Design, etc. As for the services pages, the headline covers are background of a div that was custom coded into a page template (thinking I should actually use <section> for it, but I work on cleaner code in a future update. For the LeadPages button, I got the link for a LeadBox that I created and styled the link with the MD button class. Maybe eventually I will learn to code the child theme a little better and add features like adding those headline covers into a function where you can do that in the admin area. Right now, that is above my coding knowledge. But I am learning more and got a bunch of coding courses that I am going through. This theme will become my "obsession." I can't wait for the shortcodes. I think that can add a different element to the theme. I could definitely use the to replace the slider, and think they could replace the headline image as well. Like I said before, I just didn't want a full screen box there.....it just didn't go with the overall theme design. I'm glad you liked what I did with MD and feel free to show it off! I am very proud of this site design, and it is all because of you and your MD Theme!
  2. I have been working on this site for a couple weeks...I am sure Alex will be happy that it is finished so I am not bothering him anymore. He has been a HUGE help in helping me understand MD's code and doing the customizations. I have stayed true to the modular design of the framework as much as possible with my custom page and posts templates. I am still having issues with getting my custom coded tool to work on one post, so I made a custom template and hard coded that post for now. I am working on getting the function to work, but didn't want to delay the launch of the redesign. Once shortcodes for pageleads, tables, etc are ready, I will be updating it some more and probably replace the slider on the homepage with a pagelead (I would like it within the content area, not full-width). The only other issue I am having is a custom menu on the homepage. The links should be going to the sections of the homepage instead of the individual service pages. This was working on the development site, but for some reason, I can't get custom menus to save on the main site. Hopefully that will be solved soon. Here is the current version of my custom MD design: https://localmixed.com
  3. Brad

    The Kolakube Forums Grand Reopening!

    Hey Alex, Your relaunching of the community is perfect timing as I start redesigning my site. From day one when I had my designer start working on the design, I wanted to put it within MD. From the first day I used the stand-alone version, I saw the power in it. MD is much more than a theme, it is a framework that allows massive customization. I'm glad your back to build on this, because I really think MD is has endless potential. Plus, I will need help with this custom design. I am not a coder like you, but I have taught myself quite a bit over the years which makes be both dangerous but teachable. Best of luck!