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  1. avinashiitd

    Myblogs With Kolakube Md

    Did loads of small changes on my avinashtech blog and Now I am just using a single Column. Would love to hear some feedback from everyone here. URL: http://www.avinashtech.com
  2. avinashiitd

    Myblogs With Kolakube Md

    By changing the footer font color in Thesis options, it worked without any additional custom code. Thanks
  3. avinashiitd

    Myblogs With Kolakube Md

    Added a optin form in sidebar. btw, Sean that custom code for footer didnt work. Following code did work though #footer a { color: #FFFFFF; } update: something wrong... both codes not working even though it works while testing in firebug. May be I will make a new thread abt it.
  4. avinashiitd

    Myblogs With Kolakube Md

    Thanks Alex for the feedback. Here's my take on why I choose them 1. Most of my traffic is from search engines with high bounce rate (Most tech blogs do have high bounce rates) and hence I have the recent posts widget. No popular post widget as the Popular post widget in MD pulls out too much old posts with largest number of comments (mostly from software giveaways I had organised) long time back and not the real popular ones. Also, I don't want to use another plugin to grab Popular posts. 2. Email forms:- Yes I need to put them back in sidebar. ATM, they are below the posts. 3. Regarding Making the footer white, I may jump to ask the CSS 4. I removed a bit of space between header and footer to bring more content above the fold (One of factors in Google search algo)..
  5. avinashiitd

    Myblogs With Kolakube Md

    ATM, I am running two blogs with almost same design based on MD 2.2.1 with few tweaks. I would love to hear some feedback about them from the community here. Both of these are tech blogs and one of them is purely a smartphone/ gadgets one. Avinashtech.com And Androidpure.com PS: Keep in mind, I am almost zero in CSS as I am a Mechanical Design Engineer by Profession.