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  1. Erica Franz

    All New Personal Branding/insurance Site On Md3.1

    Looking great Chris, really like the second yellow tone you added. And Akshay, support is still here! lol, I will be flying on the holiday days but other than that I'm still answering tickets.
  2. Hey Steve, Site looks great!
  3. Erica Franz

    New Md2 Website For My Upcoming Plugin Launch

    Really cool, like the "super" theme and naming of your plugins. Great use of the MD2 skin!
  4. Erica Franz

    My Md3 Site

    Great idea Chris, I'll work on putting together some posts.
  5. Erica Franz

    My Md3 Site

    haha, whole new meaning to being on a high horse? Or in this case, a very small pudgy one.
  6. Erica Franz

    My Md3 Site

    Thanks! and you'll get there James We all start out coding somehow and often it's trial and error.
  7. Erica Franz

    My Md3 Site

    http://fatpony.me Just finished it up this week. The colors are... daring. Let me know what you think.
  8. Erica Franz

    Md3 -- Lots Of Hard Work, Check It Out.

    Really well done, the colors work very nicely and all the customizations of the theme have tied in beautifully. Kudos to your design team. Cheers, Erica