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  1. Martin Slack

    All Constructive Feedback/advice Welcome

    Thanks Raaj. I shall play around with that. Comments from others? Alex?
  2. Hi, Finally, after a huge learning curve, we have a live site: homebizzguide.com Thanks to all who helped and advised, especially Ian Brodie, Raaj and Alex. I know it can be hugely improved. Please don't hold back on any constructive criticism. Many thanks. Martin
  3. Martin Slack

    My Md3 Site For Marketing Coaching - Feedback?

    Hi Ian. I did find the icon colour setting adjustment in the package settings. I didn't know to look at the packages more closely until I stumbled upon them. This is why a user guide to MD3 would be so helpful. Thanks so much for the detailed code. I wondered how you achieved the dotted borders. Now I know. Much appreciated. Leadplayer looks interesting. Its responsiveness is an important benefit. Thanks again. All the best. Martin
  4. Martin Slack

    My Md3 Site For Marketing Coaching - Feedback?

    Ian, I am really impressed with your site. I see you managed to change the colour of the funnel lead icons. Please will you share what you did. And, the way you have used the product lead with your Powerpress video box on the left and optin on the right is great. Did you have to do a lot of tweaking? If so, please will you share some tips. Thanks and regards, Martin Slack