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  1. mrbrady

    What's Next For Marketers Delight?

    This all sounds great Alex. The drop ins, especially the content areas are what I've been waiting for.
  2. mrbrady

    The Kolakube Forums Grand Reopening!

    Alex, being a true legacy member, and following Kolakube since pretty much day one, all I can say is outstanding job. We've been corresponding as you've helped me get my site back on MD so you know my thoughts. Looking back over the history it's very obvious how you laid it on the line developing Md + Page Leads. The thing is, it's exactly what doesn't exist in the WP world and what I always wished did. MD is nothing short of a spectacular concept and and I can't wait to see you continue to develop it. Finally a theme that works with my needs I'm not a blogger, I have a physical business, but need a strong, clear website to attract customers in a highly competitive industry here. Customising is so easy that I can update the site on a regular basis to keep it fresh and dial it in. Love it! Cole Dano www.pafg.fi
  3. mrbrady

    Md Minimalist Computer Consulting Site

    I liked the original banner more - what if you used the current slogan as a feature box? Then you could retain the sites title.
  4. Since this site is for a very specific product there are two things that put me off. 1) Lack of a professional logo 2) There are no pictures of the stroller in view when I hit the page, just the CTA's in this case a picture is worth a thousand words.
  5. mrbrady

    Md2 Site - The Bulletproof Musician

    Looks really nice. My only suggestion is the menu font could use a little tweak, it just jumped out at me as being off anyway. You never know what looks best, i'm guessing a sans serif. Overall though really nice!
  6. mrbrady

    Md2 Site - Let Me Know What You Think

    Nice job. I like the fact that it's straight forward application of MD2 but all of your elements suit it so well that it doesn't feel like MD2. My only criticism is the social bar at the top.
  7. mrbrady

    Thesis Business For Yoga School

    You sure did help me Sean and I appreciate it. You fixed the social banner for me. Next I'll be trying Chronicl.
  8. I wanted a very simple look, with a tinge of old school feeling. Very happy with how T.B. worked for this job. Only one very small tweak to the design plus addition of bi-lingual feature. http://studio8.fi/