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  1. Daniel Gamito-Florom

    Marketers Delight 3 - Makes Me Look Like I Actually Have Design Skills...

    Clean! I love the fixed email signup, very clever.
  2. We're launching the plugin in early January; I've been building on MD3 for the landing page and would be thrilled for any feedback. http://getgumpress.com Warmly, -Dan
  3. Daniel Gamito-Florom

    Goingup Social - Marketing Consultancy On Md2

    @Sean, Complacency was certainly something that I was slipping into, and something many of my peers simply didn't even know was happening to them. You don't see many military advertisements preaching entrepreneurship as a great exit strategy; instead you see a lot of subservient "you WILL get a GREAT JOB after your service contract ends, people would be STUPID not to hire you!" Just one system to another, and that's why I know battle-hardened NCO's who are now stocking shelves at Best Buy. (I ramble too) I really like how clean your site is, will seriously consider what you wrote about color theory in regards to page elements. I tend to be liberal with vibrancy, but I think a bit of strategic constraint could be a good idea. Will play around and see what I can come up with, excellent points my friend.
  4. Daniel Gamito-Florom

    Goingup Social - Marketing Consultancy On Md2

    @Tom, I think you are doing just fine my friend. Keep digging deep and shedding all that isn't authentically you, and you'll find your niche sooner than you realize. Thanks for your generous complements, and I will definitely re-assess the green buttons on the site, for the sake of continuity. My initial thought was to slap them on the site as a contrasting color that would send eyes to the links and encourage conversions. I am considering split-testing in the near future with different wording/color combinations. I've yet to check out your site(s) but be sure I will soon. @Ngee, I appreciate your kindness, and your flattering complements. Coaching eh? I'll definitely have to check out your site too when I get a chance. I saw briefly that you are in Singapore; I had a lot of good times there passing through when I was in the Navy. To this day one of the cleanest cities I have ever been to in my life, and the chili-crabs weren't bad either. About your site in general (haven't seen it yet) don't freak out about aesthetics too much, remember what it is there for: to convert customers! Configuration and ease of use is just as-if not more important. @Alex, thanks again man. -Dan
  5. Daniel Gamito-Florom

    Goingup Social - Marketing Consultancy On Md2

    Good plan. You don't think the texture overlay on the content area & sidebars is too much?
  6. Daniel Gamito-Florom

    Goingup Social - Marketing Consultancy On Md2

    Alex, If you are talking about this: .custom .teaser { border-left: 15px solid rgba(255, 255, 255, .8); } Definitely a quick fix to push the overall background area out to the left a bit, the margin between the edge & the text was too close for visual comfort. I am working primarily on Chrome, and tested in Safari & Firefox. Maybe I am not seeing what you are seeing, everything seems to be aligning with no visible color differences or margin issues. It could be my monitor? EDIT: It was my monitor. Gamma & contrast are way off, I wasn't seeing MANY things...going to go just white for the background with no texture overlay. Either way thank you for catching that, and any further advice is appreciated so much. Look forward to any suggestions, -Dan
  7. Daniel Gamito-Florom

    Goingup Social - Marketing Consultancy On Md2

    Dear Kolakube Community, Two years ago my time in the Naval Reserve came to an end and I found myself over-educated, unemployed, and eager. After sitting around for a few months, I started my first company as chef and creative lead with a partner on Long Island. We made gourmet miniature pies, and I built the site on Wix.com; I remember I was so impressed with the shiny buttons, crazy animated Flash graphic effects, and incredibly intuitive user-interface. "Why isn't everybody a web designer?" I asked myself. Anyway, as I was to find out, the mini-pies were better than the site, and that was where I learned my first marketing lesson: the referral (or what Ludacris would call "word of mouf") is a very powerful sales tool. The pies went gangbusters, and my partner and I got exhausted. We were faced with a spork in the road: get a retail location and hire some less-than-legal helpers OR GTFO as soon as possible lest you end up packing mini-blueberry pies by hand for bride-zillas for the rest of your foreseeable youth. We chose the latter, cut our losses, and jetted off to Brazil for six months to do some volunteer work. During my time sipping coconuts and building organic gardens for a small community in southern Brazil, I contemplated the whole psychology of referral business. I started reading a lot, became fascinated with social media and blogging, and then decided to try to teach myself how to build websites and administer social media profiles. Upon our return to the states I decided to seriously pursue this whole "internet marketing" thing, but with a more holistic approach to it (less giant red exclamation marks, more social responsibility). I offered to do some free work for some friends with small/floundering businesses, and my advice not only sounded good, but IT WORKED. I was immediately hooked. That's when I knew I needed to build a business (and a well-optimized, non-Flash website). My quest for a relatively simple transition into the web-design world led me to Thesis (I never questioned building on WordPress), which led me to a lot more reading and experimentation. At one distinct moment, I decided that I needed some help putting all together, and started looking for a solution. When I found Kolakube, I knew immediately that I needn't look further. I read a little bit about Alex, saw that Chris Pearson held him in high-esteem for his work, and knew he was my man. One download later, I was ripping along on my new company website for a socially-responsible social media management and creative brand promotion company. A few weeks later, here I am, the website is just finished, and I have a few long-term clients, with more (hopefully) on the way. It was a bit of work, and I have to admit I am about as impressed with myself as I was in my previously naive, Flash-induced hypnotic state. My only background in web-design is...well none. I went to school for engineering, and ended up using that knowledge to construct tasty wedding desserts. I taught myself how to manipulate raster images on The Gimp, and vector graphics on Inkscape. I love the Thesis community for just that reason: the people who hang in this crowd are passionate, ballsy, and usually have varied backgrounds that have very little to do with what they are doing now. They are redefining themselves, and looking for a way to get it done, and Thesis gives them a way. Now with Kolakube skins, there is a whole level of functionality that is accessible to those people, and I am deeply impressed with the attention to detail & care that has been put into the construction of these skins, and the sites that are taking advantage of them. I really look forward to seeing Alex and the Kolakube brand evolve. As for my rig, any and all comments and suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks Sean for answering some of my noob-ish questions and not making fun of me. Just goes to show you, you'll always end up where your heart is, if you let it. Site: GoingUP Social Regards, -Dan Gamito PS Have two full builds contracted for this summer, both of them are already in the works, both of them on MD2