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  1. Benigno

    Just Launched My Site In Md3... Thoughts?

    Very clean and nice, congrats.... but as said before, hasn't it been made with Genesis ?.
  2. Benigno

    Set On Md 3. Let Me Know What You Think.

    I tried it, and it looked good with icons... problem is, I didnt find any icons that fit what was said in the boxes. Thanks a lot Alex.
  3. Hello, I think my wife's site is now more or less finished... surely it will go through many more changes as her work progresses. Website is: http://masviva.net For those of you who do not understand spanish, the site is mainly about interviews with entrepreneur people, and about giving ideas and honest reviews on different ways of making money... honest hardwork options, although she tries to review them all. The website acts mostly as a window to her writing skills to sell her services to write content while touching a subject that she likes very much. Thank you for your feedback. Benigno.