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  1. My client uses MD - I'm his developer. He's a multi millionaire real estate investor. Check it out www.mikebolen.com
  2. I haven't dived deep into the security issues. It just came out as a medium risk when I scanned with https://gf.dev/wordpress-security-scanner But thanks for the research!
  3. Well, if you're asking what concerns me about an outdated version of jQuery, then there might be something to be concerned off.
  4. Here's what came out after I added the query monitor plugin.
  5. Hey @Alex thanks for replying to my question. Apparently, I only have 8 plugins on the clients site. Which of these do you think are causing the problem?
  6. Hi, I ran my site on https://gf.dev/wordpress-security-scanner and the results showed that the jQuery version is still at jQuery@1.12.4. What plugin or how do I update the jQuery on the theme? My client's site is using version The site is hosted on GCP. Thanks
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