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  1. I am setting a new site with MD and I feel a bit confused. On the Admin side of Wordpress, my web site looks like this: Why does it look like this on the public side (somefrenchdude.com): Also, how can I align my logo to the far left or far right?
  2. Alex, I just install MD on my site somefrenchdude.com Once installed, should I combine it with the CSS? To be honest, being non-technical, I am not sure I understand the ins and outs of the 2 options below:
  3. Guys, I am at the beginner stage where I will soon get my first info product ready to be sold. I was thinking to integrate Paypal and/or Stripe as my payment tool, but OI see that MD now integrates with Woo commerce. What I need at the stage I am at (no money input, no cashflow) is a FREE payment method. Can I use Woo commerce for free? What does it provide exactly? I just need to give my web visitors a way to pay for the info products (PDF and videos) they will buy at my site. Any recommendation? Not sure what is the best free Stripe plugin (I see there are many for Wordpress). Not sure either how I can create an upsell offer using Paypal and Stripe.
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