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  1. Great post @Ray ! Nice to hear all that! Stay in touch my friend.
  2. A quick word to help the community here. Should you want to use a REDIRECT URL for your THANK YOU pages (or others) your forms, do NOT use the one integrated in MailerLite or Aweber. MD 4.9.6 was just released a few minutes ago. It now contains a dedicated URL field to that effect? Have a look below, you will find it on the Block editor. I just checked it with MailerLite. This MD feature seems to bypass/cut the REDIRECT you might be able to set in your mailing system (which is a good thing). I tested it with a REDIRECT URL also set at the time in MailerLite, and the MD features overrides it every time.
  3. Let me provide my own answers. QUESTION 1: How to best use existing MD features to build your email list? Thought #01: FREEBIE or NOT FREEBIE I am wondering what is the most effective way of using Email Form and Popups on my web site to build my list of potential future customers (as opposed to simple subscribers that will NEVER pay ). Here are my thoughts. You can read EVERYWHERE that you should absolutely provide a FREEBIE to build your list. The thing is that MANY people will JUST subscribe to get the freebie. They will increase your list for... nothing. They might never become your customers. They may force you to pay extra to MailChimp or similar services... I am tempted not to provide a freebie. Or to provide a "freebie" for ONLY $1 or $2 to filter the less serious person. Who can't pay $2? ANY EXPERIENCE on that? Thought #02: ONE SINGLE POPUP vs. MULTIPLE POPUP Option a: Do you think it is best to enforce the SAME CONSISTENT message everywhere on your site with the same, consistent POPUP? Option b: Or is it best to have contextual popups and offers very different messages, hoping one will hut the target and convince the visitors? I see option a as much more selective to refine and capture a niche audience than option b, that might be better to get more subscribers and please your ego. But which one is best in terms of business results? Has anyone a view on this? Thought #03: Email Form (option A) Vs Image-to-Popup (option B). Which strategy is the most effective? Which one do you think is best: Option A: The opt-ion form on the right hand side, capturing immediately the emails. Option B: The IMAGE + TEXT on the left, followed by the Popup (below, next image).
  4. Guys, Community, @Ray, @Alex MD stands for MARKETERS... delight. M-A-R-K-E-T-E-R-S! What I am doing here is igniting a kind of brainstorming thread that might be extremely beneficial to ALL OF US. Here is my question: WHAT DO YOU THINK ARE THE TOP 3 MOST EFFECTIVE PRACTICES / TOOLS TO INCREASE YOUR MAILING LIST? In other words: What are the most beneficial tools in MD today to build your list? And especially how to bets use them?
  5. First, thanks @Alex for the blunt honesty. Very few people are capable of doing so and it requires not only humbleness but also a certain form of maturity, not to say wisdom. I am that type of very detailed-oriented person (combined with a perfectionist personality - shame on me), and it was a nightmare for me to choose the right Wordpress theme. I went for MD after MUCH hesitation. MD seemed so much developer-oriented to me. As you understand, I am not a technical guy. I can say MD has given headaches, regrets and even anxiety on multiple occasions. On other occasions, I could see "the light". I can only see today the extreme power of MD. MD is NOT perfect. It is NOT complete. There are other very competitive themes out there. But knowing @Alex's new decision to focus exclusively on MD, I can only see an extremely BRIGHT future. The days I discovered The STREAM, I immediately thought it was just USELESS. Who wants that, knowing that we're all running after time and already have too many distractions? After much thought, I think there is such GREAT potential in that unique feature. I have shared many ideas in my posts about it in this forum. I think you all know about Telegram or What's App. The Stream could be juste another way of doing the same if enhanced: Sharing audio with an integrated audio (or even video) live recorder, triggering discussions, managing multiple threads, etc. But I'm going down the road of details and specifics here. This is just my way of sharing my appraisal for @Alex and excitement for MD. I am a MARKETER. I am a copywriter. I just think MD could be a killer tool if it integrated ALL the ideas I shared about The Stream, about Time-delayed Content, etc. YES, I'm being selfish here. LOL. Seriously, selfish is not my style. It has never been. I am just so dead convinced that MD could be put on hot rods (is that even English? ) if it integrated some unique marketing features. MD could be so much business oriented, not in the usual way, but in offering some features not found everywhere else. Hard to explain. May be just a big feeling on my side. All I know is that @Alex has the capacity to listen to his users and this is certainly his best asset. Having a horde with him! Let's make MD rule and reinvent marketing and blogging!
  6. I am setting a new site with MD and I feel a bit confused. On the Admin side of Wordpress, my web site looks like this: Why does it look like this on the public side (somefrenchdude.com): Also, how can I align my logo to the far left or far right?
  7. Alex, I just install MD on my site somefrenchdude.com Once installed, should I combine it with the CSS? To be honest, being non-technical, I am not sure I understand the ins and outs of the 2 options below:
  8. Guys, I am at the beginner stage where I will soon get my first info product ready to be sold. I was thinking to integrate Paypal and/or Stripe as my payment tool, but OI see that MD now integrates with Woo commerce. What I need at the stage I am at (no money input, no cashflow) is a FREE payment method. Can I use Woo commerce for free? What does it provide exactly? I just need to give my web visitors a way to pay for the info products (PDF and videos) they will buy at my site. Any recommendation? Not sure what is the best free Stripe plugin (I see there are many for Wordpress). Not sure either how I can create an upsell offer using Paypal and Stripe.
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