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  1. I am definitely curious about this one-part of Raylosophy? ----- An early one for me today. Looking to knock out a ton of client work by 10am, get some sun, then back on for some Premium MD projects, then find some time for MD Popups. Will update back with what I actually did when all is said and done. Created a testimonials page for MD using the Testimonials Dropin (link on showcase page). Will now have a quick and easy way to add testimonials to this page as they come in. I added a custom sidebar with links back to blog reviews too. Redesigned the Members area for simpler navigation, removed old resources, and added new Dropins listing. Check it out! Updated the design of the Changelog page Moved the blog to Marketersdelight.com/blog, put landing back to front page tweaked a bunch of copy, adjusted spacing on landing page Added Bitcoin as an accepted payment for MD... lets see how this goes!
  2. Busy day in the MD Labs today.... Answered support Published the translations tutorial to the MD Blog (thanks @maikman!) Released MD4.9.4.1 Wrote and scheduled the newsletter for 4pm EST today Time to breathe!
  3. Hi Peter, thanks for posting to the forums. For future support questions I'd like to get your account verified here so you have full forums access but I am having trouble finding your information in my customers database. Can you private message me here the email address you used to purchase MD so I can link your accounts? Once we get your account verified I'd be willing to work you through a potential solution, but for now: changing the breakpoint size would require some CSS changes around the MD stylesheet which may be a messier approach than we need to take. If you can link to your site as well so I can see a better idea of what you are working with, maybe there is a better solution for what you are trying to do than change this functionality.
  4. It's the 4th of July in the states and I have some downtime, so digging into MD Popups. Like I mentioned in the News thread I am looking to release this as its own update and rebrand the email, popups, and future features to MD Optins afterwards. I just want to keep the updates coming and get your hands on the awesome new popups builder in MD4.9.5. Edit: and a few hours later the live preview experience has been heavily refined and responds very quickly to your changes. It is so refreshing to see changes update instantly without refreshing, heh.
  5. Started the day by updating the Showcase, we'll see what comes next...
  6. I thought it might be fun to see what some of your daily workflows looks like and share mine, so let's use this thread to simply post what we are working on today. I'll start: today I went into the offices of a client and worked from there. I won't go into the details of the project but it requires me to build a totally custom theme, which makes this the first non-MD project I have taken on in years! I have already implemented some of what I've learned from building a theme from scratch in MD4.9.4 and have enjoyed taking a fresh look at the custom build process again. What about you?
  7. Making a little progress daily and I've decided that the best way to release MD Optins is to do it one update at a time. The revamped MD Popups is nearing completion and MD4.9.5 ships all kinds of other great improvements which I am excited to share! MD Popups will ship with 6 custom templates and some very powerful custom template/HTML tools that will allow you to build your own if you wanted. Thanks to the new Popups system, I will be able to create a library of custom popup templates you will soon also be able to import into your sites to extend MD's awesome default popup templates. Will show more soon, but here's an idea of one of the templates in action:
  8. Let's go deep— Say you run into a situation where you need to change the name of a post type in your database, how do you do it? Changing the post type/taxonomy name in register_post_type() or register_taxonomy() will cause all of your existing content to disappear since technically by changing the name, we are creating an old post type. I just ran into this situation in a project so I figured I would document it here as an exercise. In case you didn't know, another word for Taxonomies is Categories. Part 1: Here is the taxonomy I am working with. It was incorrectly named so for organization sake, it will be best to rename it. I don't want to lose existing content so let's see how we can preserve them after I rename the taxonomy in register_taxonomy(). Part 2: Just as suspected, everything is gone after changing the name! I can stay calm though because I know my content is still somewhere in the database. So let's go there. Part 3: Logging into the web host/server, go to phpMyAdmin for my site's database and run an SQL query. I've used the queries from this Stack Overflow thread before so this will be a breeze. Even if working with the site's database is intimidating, this level of access is a major benefit of why we choose to work with WordPress, so we ought to take advantage of it for maintenance like this. I will fill in the old and new name across the entire database with this SQL query. All this does is search through the names of all of the taxonomies registered on the site and changes the old name with the new name, thus restoring content to the new name. Rename post type: UPDATE `wp_posts` SET `post_type` = '<new post type name>' WHERE `post_type` = '<old post type name>'; Rename taxonomy: UPDATE `wp_term_taxonomy` SET `taxonomy` = '<new taxonomy name>' WHERE `taxonomy` = '<old taxonomy name>'; Part 4: After getting the query right, you can usually run a simulation to be sure you are changing exactly what you want to change (you have to be very present here!). The results sent back 11 matches for changing the old name to the new name in the database, so I am going to execute the query. Part 5: The big reveal! I went to WP admin and checked out the taxonomy screen, and all of my categories returned! This worked and was easy to do, saving a bunch of time and a fun exercise to perform. Taking this effort to reuse existing content and not just huff and puff and recreate that same content will keep your database clean and your mind a little saner. I hope you learned a little something about working on your site at a deeper level!
  9. These are both version 1 features as the industry standard I am finding out is to make these kinds of elements as portable as possible. My design concepts for the actual interface are like nothing I have seen in any other tools and saving/importing Blocks and templates are a staple of how this new interface will work. Thank you for reaffirming those ideas here! Thrive is certainly a power tool but I hate how bloated it is. The few times I've tried it I have never been able to install it from the Plugins manager because it is too large for some servers to upload. I believe MD will be able to take the reigns and become known as the lightweight alternative, and while I am not looking to compete with them on a level of "infinite flexibility" (that's where ALL page builders become bloated), creating pages fast and being able to reuse templates and blocks around your site is the foundation I am building these new tools on. Your comments about Elementor are the most fascinating of your entire post and I want to thank you for putting such amount of thought into sharing your experiences. If Elementor is the industry standard then I have great conviction that MD can crush those standards. Sure, the infinite capabilities of Elementor is what will draw people to use and it why it succeeds, but the ever-growing of markup and resources its features takes is why I will not take it as a serious tool for anybody who cares for a high-performing site. Personally I find many of these tools encourage people to create things that are not necessary for the bottom line, or even practical purposes, and I am not in the business of giving you something that can play into your every whim (which does not always produce good ideas!) but one that will produce actual results whether it be converting more people to your email list, or developing a serious connection to your audience. By staying focused on those ideas and learning about what does make Elemenot great, I believe MD can be a tool that really offers something valuable and fixes the problems on the market today. Exactly—all of MD's tools are built for developers and non-developers and this is how it has to be to grow into something massive. Non-developers, of course, so effective websites can be easily created without touching code, and for developers so those same features can be extended for custom sites and even to release as Dropins. Your point about the blog loops is something I have taken seriously to heart and I think you will enjoy reading my response in another thread about that here. Great point, and I hope the MD demo site is at least a good start for this. ----- Thank you everyone for your feedback so far, it's been extremely valuable!
  10. Thank you for sharing all of this Ray, and I have to say that this new iteration of Raylosophy is the best yet and I am really enjoying my membership. In fact Raylosophy is one of the best uses of MD I have seen, even in its simple form, because regular content is actually added to it. Forget any extra flare, you made it clear immediately what you have to offer and setup a simple payment process to turn it into a business. To see MD's cut and dry features being used to support a site with 350+ paying subscribers is the highest compliment you can pay me and I thank you for showing the way for the rest of us. This is surprising to hear! It can drive me nuts sometimes but since MD's enhancements I can barely see myself writing in Classic editor again. I install Classic editor plugin on some sites because Gutenberg is totally overqualified in some cases. I've talked about this in other posts but I think this editor can be a great longform content builder. My concern comes in as they try to shove every aspect of your website into the editor, which I believe is the wrong approach and why I am responding with the creation of the MD Builder. I will certainly be doing what I can to make Gutenberg work as that longform content builder in MD, but am not motivated to go over the top with it. I'd be curious to hear more about what your gripes with it are. I have never seen this plugin before but I love its simplicity. This plugin shouldn't be necessary but I have nothing against your reason to support the developers. I very much appreciate to hear this and love the advantages of a one man shop in my own personal life. However I am realizing that to bring MD's potential to its highest (which is my biggest care in life) and for every one of you around here to get the most out of the software for your businesses, staying as a one man team is not for the best. I love the potential for the community to grow and help each other here, so I think this will come together organically. Until then, I am having so much fun and can't wait to show you all what's coming next.
  11. The more I study the landscape of the page builder market the more motivated I get to take it on with Marketers Delight! I see these tools battling out to see who can provide the most advanced features and design functionality, and almost all of them add a ton of bloat to your website inside and out. Many of these interfaces look like the developers are trying to recreate a Photoshop experience in your WordPress site where you can build everything from scratch one element at a time. This process works, but who wants to start from scratch every time? Of course that's where premade templates and blocks come in, and they offer a fast way to push out designs and can speed up the content creation process. But there is often so many customization options that editing a long page can become slow, and especially confusing navigating the layers and layers of menus. I get it, there is a definite need for these kinds of tools and the market shows that. But I have never enjoyed using these tools and think there needs to be a better way. With Marketers Delight I see an opportunity to slice into the market with a tool that is the best of both worlds—highly customizable and useful website features but actually lightweight and quick to use. Even one that doesn't remove the flexibility of the awesome WordPress API and template system, and one that even complements it! I recognize that many of you buy into MD because you want a product that has already made the best design decisions and comes with the most working features without you having to build it all yourself. That's why the MD Builder (or whatever I call it) will be solutions-oriented, opinionated, and does enough for you that you can create content faster than ever. So I leave it to you, and please contribute as your voice here could very much influence the path of the MD Builder—what do you find is missing from the page builder market that you would love to see done the "Marketers Delight" way?
  12. The new version of MD Popups is no joke.
  13. A huge part of the new MD Optins system is to make sure creating popups is fast and easy. The Popups Designer is getting a total UI overhaul and a whole new rethinking of the popups creation process. Instead of trying to build popup designs piece by piece you will be able to toggle through premade templates that all interact with the same text, image, and optin settings for a controlled and easier popup creation process. Even creating custom popup templates from the Designer will be made easier, and adding your own custom popup templates from your child theme will be as easy as using a filter and writing HTML and CSS (keeping things simple!). I will be releasing MD Optins with a few nicely designed popup templates and then open the doors to showing you how to create some too, and plenty more will be added later down the road too. You can see an early preview below for an idea of how the new Popups Designer will work. This doesn't show much, but hopefully gives you an idea of its flexibility in comparison to the current way: Screen Recording 2019-06-17 at 01.16 PM.mov
  14. Wasting no time after Marketers Delight 4.9.4, I am swiftly moving to the next initiative: MD Optins. I have been dreaming this feature out single the release of MD4.9, which added the Integrations panel, and I am so excited to finally get a move on this project! MD Optins will merge the old email forms and popups features as well as introduce enhanced email form functionality (checkbox consents, other form fields), a few new email service integrations, and a special new kind of optin form that will really make a difference in your conversion rates. Just about every update since MD4.9.4 has been preparing us for this stage, and I expect to move very fast on the completion of this feature thanks to those updates. My head is still two updates ahead, but MD Optins will add features to your website that will really make your email marketing far more effective. Here's an early look at the reorganized admin panel. While much simpler, you will be able to perform amazing website actions from here. Understand that as MD gets simpler, your capabilities expand astronomically. I will keep you updated here and am open to any feedback and questions throughout the development process.
  15. To close off this thread, I am happy to announce the release of the Marketers Delight and WooCommerce integration in MD4.9.4.
  16. In preparation for MD4.9.4 I have created a Troubleshooting page you can use to help work through any problems you might run into during upgrades and other use cases. It is only a start, but something that I hope gives you more confidence to work through any issues that might be slowing you down. Feedback appreciated!
  17. Alex

    MD blog update

    Just passing on a change to the MD blog: The "New and Noteworthy" section at the top of the MD blog has been updated to show the latest posts from anywhere around the site. You can easily follow this section at a glance, just keep up with the dates. As always, the huge post featured on the blog is always the last big event that happened around MD, and I will be using the New & Noteworthy section to highlight great new articles coming your way. Enjoy!
  18. Just an update - MD4.9.4 is finally nearing completion and the last little details are being put in place to make this WooCommerce integration GREAT! Here are some screenshots and other teasers I have posted on Twitter and the MD Stream you might like: MD4.9.4 sneak peaks on Twitter Latest screenshot preview from the MD Stream
  19. Definitely, I think I will keep it global for now, and then when the inevitable day comes for this feature request it will be easy to bake in. That's similar to how I have to approve forum accounts here, unfortunately there isn't a bridge between my eCommerce and this forum software. If that plugin exists though, why not enable it to save you the effort of manually adding them?
  20. Glad to hear these features look useful! I like your suggestions here - which plugin do you use to make multiple checkout pages? The current drawback of the "Minimal" settings it that they will be applied to all checkout pages rather than being able to enable it on a page by page basis. I have a tagging feature coming in the revamped version of MD Optins I am working on, and is it currently possible to add that email signup checkbox to WooCommerce? Great looking checkout page by the way - does that use MD Custom sidebars?
  21. Here's an early screenshot of the settings screen for the WooCommerce integration coming into MD4.9.4. Not looking to go overboard as I am only an intermediate with WooCommerce, but this should give us just enough styling for a basic store and a couple of "cherry on top" kind of features. I believe @Maikel is the Woo expert around here, so maybe he has some thoughts.
  22. I built a sweet integration for WooCommerce into an MD client project, and I am working now to bundle it smoothly into the next Marketers Delight update. As a passing thought, how many of you use WooCommerce and would think a style integration with some bonus features would benefit you?
  23. Marketers Delight 4.9.3 has officially been released and comes with 3 new content blocks that the content marketers among you will just love! Check out some demos and the full introduction post and go update your sites now! https://marketersdelight.net/gutenberg-content-marketing-blocks/
  24. Alex

    New blog design

    I have been preparing to unveil a new content strategy and released the revamped MD blog design tonight. It's still a work in progress but has greatly consolidated 100+ articles into a clearer way for you to navigate. Go check it out, you might find something new as the new template now holds a lot of previously unlisted tutorials.
  25. Alex

    Font Icons Library

    Check out the updated Font Icons Library page for an easy reference list to use the font icons built into MD. Right now many of the icons you see on that page are coming in the impending MD4.9.3 release (don't worry, there are things much bigger than font icons coming in that release) but I wanted to show you this page now to give you an idea of what to expect. I wrote a stream post with some thoughts about why MD has this feature, along with some other musings.
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