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  1. The first demo Floating Bars are coming out, and deploying these things around your site will be a breeze with the above admin controls! MD5.0 is about templates, so alternative templates will be available just as writing your own custom HTML templates is easy to plug into this system.
  2. The revamped MD API is going to be one of the best custom fields and settings builder in WordPress, and the new Floating Bars and other MD Optins tools will be a testament to its power. With minimal effort, creating as many floating bars as you need with advanced settings will be a breeze. Can't wait to release Alpha!
  3. Very glad he was able to pick somebody new up to continue development. I'm here if you have any questions about the existing setup and future modifications.
  4. Glad we could both learn something new! So tell me about your website - are you an MD customer or something else?
  5. Yes, and I am asking you of anything specific in that outdated, yet shipped version of jQuery that you are concerned about. I did a little research and found an actively maintained plugin that allows you to change the version of jQuery: https://wordpress.org/plugins/jquery-manager/
  6. MD5.0 is not just about huge new features, but refining the core of what makes a website authoritative. Take the new author box design, which isn't afraid to be more bold than its current design and list your links in a nice and subtle way. Why make the author box stand out more? Not only is it important to craft a post that is highly informative and detailed, but to also add credibility. With just a few lines, a good head shot and links to your most important pages on the Internet, you can instantly back up your post with the new Author Box coming into MD5.0.
  7. Ok so most certainly WooCommerce is loading jQuery. I have personally not heard of security holes through running older versions of jQuery, and my line of thinking is that if WordPress and WooCommerce both have this version of jQuery that it is probably safe to use. Otherwise, we will have to dequeue (stop loading) their version of jQuery and manually load our own, which could be risky and break some functionality. So the question is, what security concerns are you concerned about?
  8. Thank you Anwar, I will be emailing again soon about it and will reach out to you once ready!
  9. I haven't tried it but I just looked it up and it looks like a safe choice for its simplicity. I wish I could take a look at what it looks like under-the-hood, especially in the admin panel side, but a solution that has been around as long as it has with the right baseline features as this seems better to have than a plugin that has every feature known to man. Curious to hear of your own successes using the plugin!
  10. Hey @highcenbug, I can tell you that MD does not load jQuery in the theme so we will have to take a look at your plugins. The last time I checked WordPress doesn't load the latest jQuery version, and if your plugins are loading WP's version then that is why. To debug this, try installing the Query Monitor free plugin and check if it reports the source of jQuery, otherwise you can disable your plugins one by one until it no longer loads to your site, then you will know where it is coming from.
  11. .list-check li:before { color: #22A340; } Good catch! I updated the icons and missed adding the green color back. You can place the above CSS in your child theme to revert it back, and I will make sure this makes it into the upcoming MD5.0.
  12. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years and took some time for themselves. I took a bit of an extended vacation with family and friends I haven't seen in a while, and fortunately got much of the MD5.0 development I talked about in my last post completed. I am running some tedious tests on my own and will open the Alpha testing period shortly thereafter, shooing for the end of January if not sooner.
  13. Loving these updates! I have noticed in your recent issues you add a button or link back to the site in some way. I almost always click them because I want to see if there is more info about the verse you shared, or to see what other good stuff is waiting for me in your archives. Does most of the website traffic come from your newsletter? How can we make it great on mobile? I like this thinking, especially if your sidebar is valuable. A campaign I want to run in 2020 is to Make Sidebars Great Again (heh) with a feature that makes sidebars accessible through a button in the header menu. I think this will add a lot of value to sites and help bring the sidebar back again. Keep these updates coming! I am still reading your emails daily.
  14. Development is going well, these past two weeks I have averaged at least 4+ hours a day on MD5.0 (many days going over 9) and I am extremely relieved to have the most critical things left to do in a nice bulleted list on my whiteboard. Taking a couple day break around Christmas (you will probably see me here more), and will take that refreshed energy to knock out the rest of those items. Due to how massive a rewrite of MD this has been, I am releasing MD5.0 after a public alpha and beta test stage. Alpha will be a period where those of you who volunteer to test MD5.0 on blank sites can take it for a spin and find any bugs and send in usability improvements. The Beta period will be for testing existing sites (you'll want to use a staging site for this) and running the updater script needed to port data from the old format to the incredibly improved format. I am confident that this updater will go smoothly and move any options around without losing your settings. There will be a few small exceptions, but nothing flicking a few switches won't fix. The other big news of MD5.0 is that Page Leads will be formally deprecated and available as a Dropin. Because of what MD5.0 will now make possible with frontend site editing (coming around MD5.2 or 5.3), the Page Leads system will no longer be in the mix and replaced with an alternative far more powerful. See the above posts for insights into MD Optins, the new Site Design panel, developer tools, and other enhancements coming to MD5.0. As I wrap up the hardcore development groundwork, I will be moving to the sexier "flashy" features that this now makes possible and start back up the newsletter and blog to start hyping this incredible new iteration of Marketers Delight. Stay tuned.
  15. To clarify the "live preview design" will be no more and instead we will use a simple design panel. I realize the risk I am taking at upsetting people with this change, but I think it stands to delight all of us who experience weird inconsistencies with the current designer. Here is a glimpse of the design options ported and reorganized to the new panel: Color options opened: The goal here is to know what is required for your site's branding and choose the few main colors involved, then let MD's smarter than ever design system update colors and other design elements based off that one decision. Because I am spending so much time on the precision of these new controls, I am making a bold gamble that no live preview is needed and you can trust that these options will take care of everything for you live. What is really great about the new Site Design panel is the Typography system, which has not only been refined to display more precise calculations but now shows default font sizes for desktop, tablet, and mobile right in the settings: Just like the existing design system, all spacing, site widths, and headline fonts are calculated based on the Body font size and line height which allows your site to build itself proportionally and relieve you of coming up with your own arbitrary values. Of course you can go in and set custom font sizes and other attributes, but much has been done to make the defaults as best as possible. I hope this gives you some ideas of what you will be working with. Like I said I took a risk but the new kinds of options and controls that can be added to our sites will make this transition worth it!
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