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  1. Alex

    New MD Tutorials

    Today I did a writeup of what has been released in the MD4.8.2 maintenance fix and wrote a little about the thought processes that go into releasing a major new version like MD4.8: https://marketersdelight.net/marketers-delight-482/
  2. Alex

    New MD Tutorials

    Just posted another new tutorial for you guys today and it's all about using the new MD design controls to design a slick text logo. Check it out! https://marketersdelight.net/mobile-design-logo/
  3. Alex

    MD 4.8.2 Now Available

    Thanks to @maikman's reporting I've released another maintenance update for the MD4.8 series. MD4.8.2. is now available in your dashboard and contains the following important bug fixes: Fixes potentially site crashing search query Adds new <code>md-block</code> featured image size Adds background color to search menu so search bar doesn't clash with nav menu links Fixes potential error messages when saving MD options Recompiles MD styles on frontend if CSS file is missing Fixes Action lead warning messages Go ahead and update to stay on the cutting-edge, it only takes a click!
  4. Alex

    New MD Tutorials

    I'll use this thread to post the latest MD tutorials that make it to the MD blog. As MD4.8 introduced a lot of new stuff, I'll be doing a series on the blog that shows you what you can accomplish with these great new controls! Starting off with a closer look at Google Fonts integration: https://marketersdelight.net/design-google-fonts/
  5. It's been few days since I low-key released the massive new MD 4.8 design system. I decided to slowly roll this update out so I could work with the few brave souls of this forum who have been watching this update unfold. Thanks to you guys taking action, I've been able to monitor how existing site's interact with MD4.8 and feel confident to make the grand announcement to everybody else. Even better, you were gracious enough to share the bugs you found in the update and that's what this new version is all about—cleaning up some loose ends. A special thanks to @camerondare, @V3King, and @Richard Brown for reporting bugs and helping me make the first maintenance release of the MD4.8 series possible! MD4.8.1 is waiting for you in your dashboard and has the following changes: Adjusts content box drop shadow on Teasers layout, adds drop shadow to pagination and archives title if enabled Fixes spacing issues on mobile and desktop with the aligncenter class Fixes links color in Content Spotlight widget Fixes save error on Email Widget Adds bottom margin to the archives title Corrects display bug with Pro Share floating icons Based on how much has changed, I'm glad to report that these bugs are fairly minor and no serious issues have come up with the MD4.8 upgrade. Thanks for all of your support, and be sure to watch the redesigned MD blog for new tutorials and content!
  6. Alex

    MD4.8 Sneak Peaks

    MD4.8 is now available. https://marketersdelight.net/marketers-delight-48/
  7. Alex

    MD4.8 Sneak Peaks

    Thanks, Callum! And that sounds like a great idea. I'm almost done the announcement post and it really does a great job outlining the new features and the intention behind them which I think you will definitely appreciate.
  8. Alex

    MD4.8 Sneak Peaks

    Hey, great question. I'm working on the announcement post now and testing the last details and bug fixes I can find. That being said, I'm shooting for a soft launch this weekend (around Friday) to release to everybody who wants to update, then make a formal announcement to the email list on Monday. Very pleased to hear you will be using MD for a new site, this update will absolutely be a big boost to your efforts.
  9. Alex

    MD4.8 Sneak Peaks

  10. Alex

    MD4.8 Sneak Peaks

    I am starting the process of updating some sites I manage to MD4.8. This is how I get the bulk of testing done on new releases - nothing better than real world experience right?
  11. Alex

    MD4.8 Sneak Peaks

    Amongst many other mini features to be released in MD4.8, we're also getting a new Search page template (in an attempt to add a search box to your websites SERPs): And the perfect touch for an update like this, MD will automatically clean out the unneeded scripts, meta tags, and other junk from loading in the HEAD of your page's document. I also found out that WordPress sets a cookie in the browser of every visitor who fills out their name, email, and website to leave a comment on your site, so MD will also now disable that too. If you need these scripts and cookie feature, you can restore it with a new option in the MD Site Tools:
  12. Alex

    MD4.8 Sneak Peaks

    Spent a few hours today cleaning, refining, and further optimizing MD4.8. Rather than looking at these design controls as simple features, they are being integrated into MD as an integral part of the design system that determines the layout of your site. Because I'm looking at this as a system, I have to develop this with the intention of being expanded upon and modified by child themes. For example, while MD will come with a set of stock design options to load on your site when you activate MD. However, if using a custom designed child theme, add a way for a child theme to load its default options when it's activated instead. This will be a powerful feature for releasing child theme designs as they will make custom design decisions for you automatically. MD4.8 is getting close and the design controls themselves work nearly 100% by now. The final things I need to do are all behind-the-scenes utilities that make the whole system work. I cannot wait for you guys to get your hands on this update!
  13. Alex

    MD4.8 Sneak Peaks

    Further refining typography controls, hooked up a dedicated "Logo" design panel tonight.
  14. Alex

    MD4.8 Sneak Peaks

    Screen Recording 2018-05-28 at 05.09 PM.mov An often overlooked part of picking custom web fonts from services like Google and Typekit is the additional resources it takes to load the fonts to your site. When it comes to page speed, overloading your site with custom web fonts can be a huge burden. On top of that, most themes that offer these kinds of font integration load the many hundreds of fonts for you to select from a single dropdown menu in your options panel. This can definitely be convenient, but the processes required to do that right can be taxing on performance in the backend of your admin panel - and we already know that can be slow enough. With these two performance burdens of web fonts in mind, the solution I've built for MD4.8 will ensure one of the lightest and fastest custom web fonts integrations you've ever used. Here's how simple it is to integrate a font from Google of Typekit will be: 1) Find a font you like from the Google Fonts list - https://fonts.google.com/ 2) Type the name of the font to the element you want to apply it to (body text, h1-h6) 3) Click the "G" icon to tell MD you are using a Google font ...and you're done! With a live preview feature right next to your controls, you can instantly see what your new font looks like and adjust any related settings as needed. There's one last optimization MD makes when loading your custom web fonts, and it's an important one that keeps the weight of your fonts as minimal as possible. As you select different Google fonts, you will also be able to select which font weight to load for that element. One of the hidden performance burdens of web fonts are loading different weights, as each weight (bold, italic, semi-bold, black, etc.) load additional font files to perfectly deliver the font. MD pays attention as you make your selections and makes sure to only load the font files and weights you choose yourself - and nothing more. I could continue going into more detail about a few other performance measurements I made, but those are far more technical! It's my hope that these controls not only make it the easiest it's ever been to add Google Fonts AND Typekit fonts to your site, but that they are also delivered to your site as fast as possible. MD4.8 COMING SOON!
  15. Alex

    MD4.8 Sneak Peaks

    Glad I'm on the right track! Rather than doing a complex integration of these services-like I see in basically every other theme-the only thing I want us to think about here is: 1) What is the font name I want to use? 2) Which service is this font available with? ...and a single click to make that decision, then let MD compile the rest.