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  1. Alex Mangini

    MD4.8 Sneak Peaks

    This is not an exaggeration.
  2. Alex Mangini

    MD4.8 Sneak Peaks

    There's a lot of power in these panels... made unbelievable progress today, MD4.8 is really close to coming all together.
  3. Alex Mangini

    MD4.8 Sneak Peaks

    Spent the night refining the font sizes and spacing to scale down according to MD's new smart measurements, and I'm loving the flexibility and simplicity of styling your words with precision and automation. Plus with most of the design controls hooked up, I've been able to come up with cool design touches. A good amount of frontend code is being cleaned up and written to be more flexible. One of MD's signature touches will always be clean as hell spacing no matter what device and what content is available to you. Excited to get closer to completion.
  4. Alex Mangini

    MD4.8 Sneak Peaks

    An easy drop shadow feature, amongst other fine-tuned typography controls... Screen Recording 2018-05-14 at 01.34 AM.mov
  5. Alex Mangini

    MD4.8 Sneak Peaks

    A UI update from last night's post: To keep the typography data as simple as possible I've opted not to save a value to any font fields that are calculated by MD's new typography system. As these fields will be updated constantly and are sensitive to other control's input, it would just be too burdensome to resave each field when another control is changed. These values will still be accessible from a dynamic function, and will be used to render an in-admin style guide so you can see your design settings at a glance. The way the UI in my last post worked, I couldn't save an empty field as the slider number control field requires a value to save, so I had to rework the typography settings to use a slider and text field in sync with each other. The result is the following: (Note: not all live preview functionality is hooked up yet) You can compare the differences in this post and the post above. You'll notice that in this instance the pressing the reset button doesn't show a link icon, but instead clears out the text field. Again, to revert back to the default typography calculation, this field needs to be left blank - so this works perfectly with the needs of MD's typography system and makes calculating the ideal font size/unit of spacing simpler. The other benefit I found of using a text field is that you can manually type in your own size! So if you already know your ideal dimensions per field, you can simply type it in rather than moving the slider into the exact position. I think with this change, the typography control mechanism is just about perfect, and both the slider and text field are in sync to update based on which control you use to input your measurement. I did like the idea of using a link icon to indicate the control is now in sync, and I will try to think of a way to add that back for coolness sake. But as of now, I quite like the simplicity of the UI and the added flexibility the new text field adds. I'll be around for a few more hours tonight in the MD Labs - I hope you enjoy these updates as I go along!
  6. Alex Mangini

    MD4.8 Sneak Peaks

    I made a new and important UI addition to the MD4.8 design options: a reset button! This is an under appreciated but important feature in the customization process and makes it easy to restore default settings in a single click. The reset function will be especially useful if you wish to return to MD's default layout calculations, which are based on the rest of your layout and adds a nice harmony to the spacing around your site. More updates coming soon!
  7. Alex Mangini

    What's your morning routine?

    I don't know about you, but I notice a huge difference in days that I follow my morning routine vs. days where I wake up a little later or have to skip my routine. There's something to having a good ritual that you enjoy first thing in the morning that sets the tone for the rest of the day and encourages you to get out of your warm bed in the morning, and I thought I'd share what's important for my routine each morning: Wake up early (5am-8am) Get up out of bed and MOVE (pace around apartment, do dishes, laundry, stretch) Ignite my senses with a cold shower (with some warm water for contrast) Shave, brush teeth, put on some relaxing clothes Brew coffee Go to my reading corner and read for 30-45mins Cook breakfast and think about my goals Light exercises or take a walk Get to work! This is the core of my morning routine with slight variations from time to time, but it works well for me and helps me start my day feeling refreshed and productive. How do you start your days?
  8. One of the best things you can do to grow your online business is blogging, or some form of it. It's something all of us know we need to do and one we don't all do as much as we should! For me, I try to create a variety of content streams for myself around MD including: MD blog (software updates, tutorials, showcases, etc.) Code snippets (quick way to paste code I work with) MDTV (longer form video tutorials) Lab Logs (my new quick video update series) MD Forums (posting these kinds of topics to bring up discussion) It's nice to use different formats so when I get tired of one, there's a different library of content I have to contribute to. Of course, just because you create content doesn't necessarily mean it will get used by your audience; so how do you get it out there? For me, by and far the most effective marketing tool I use is my newsletter. Here at MD I almost have 1,000 subscribers so whenever I have something new ready, I already have a lot of you guys ready to read it (and I appreciate it very dearly). I've never been that great at social media, but that seems to be the avenue that works at an incredible rate for those who know how to wield its power. Whether it's random tweeting or sharing powerful posts on Facebook, those avenues are definitely there for those who can keep up with the high demand for content needed to succeed there. Speaking of social media, a buddy of mine who I work very closely with actually built the bulk of his WordPress web hosting/design agency through networking in Facebook Groups. He struck a deal with an owner of a group right in his niche and set up a special affiliate commission for every customer sent his way from the group. So there's lots of ideas for spreading your content out there - what's your strategy and what has worked best for you so far?
  9. Alex Mangini

    Cryptocurrency Chat

    I thought I'd open up a chat thread about this as I know there are some of you who are interested in cryptocurrency since I released my CryptoWP plugin. Any day traders here, or do we have a bunch of fan boys like myself? I've met a few traders in person and got the impression that style of investing wouldn't work for me. After going through a few different philosophical understandings of crypto and my own interests, I consider myself to be a longer term investor as the future of crypto and the blockchain look bright. When I first got started investing I played with more risky alt coins and try to find larger profits there, and actually found a couple of successes. However over the past couple of months I've changed up my goals and now simply hold on to the larger projects and just stay put; I'd rather put my time and energy into MD and studying other topics of interest to me while watching the space develop. One of the reasons I created the CryptoWP plugin was to help me step back a little from the time I put into crypto, and slowly accumulate more crypto by accepting some of my favorite coins. So far it's been a cool experiment and allows me to keep my foot in the door of crypto in a way that's familiar with me; through WordPress! I'm curious to hear about your own strategies and your thoughts on the crypto space in general. There are actually a few crypto blogs I've found that use Marketers Delight to power their site, even one that I helped design (in Dutch): https://www.bestebank.org/
  10. Alex Mangini

    MD Lab Logs 002

    Reviewing the day's work, including challenging yourself with hard projects and setting a side-business up on autopilot.
  11. Alex Mangini

    MD Lab Logs 001

    I'm experimenting with a new video series on Marketers Delight called the MD Lab Logs. I work on Marketers Delight daily, whether it's answering support, developing the MD software, or working on a redesign/development project. With the Lab Logs, I want to bring you into my world of Marketers Delight and talk about what I've done in a way that may be useful or interesting to you. This episode is an introduction to what I plan to do with these Lab Logs, and though the quality looks poor, the audio is clear enough to understand (I'm also hopeful my verbal skills will improve the more I do these). If you have anything you'd like me to talk about on these episodes I'm open to hearing it! We'll be using these forums to discuss anything that jumps out at you in the videos. Would love to hear your feedback!
  12. Alex Mangini

    MD4.8 Sneak Peaks

    One of the most important parts of designing a site is typography. In a precise typography system all units of measurement are relative to one another rather than just chosen by what appeals to the eye (although that's a perfectly valid way to design). Apart from choosing color schemes, a big part of the new MD4.8 design options will focus on typography, and the implications these new controls will have on your layout are huge! Take a sneak peak at the main typography controls in the new 4.8 customizer panel: The only default type value will be the main font size of your site. All other measurements in your site's layout will be calculated from that single value, which can save you a ton of time in the customization process! For example, by setting the main font size of your site, MD will calculate the overall line height of text, the idea site width, content box and sidebar width, and a relative font size for your heading elements (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6) and their respective line heights. Even better, these new relative values will update across all parts of your design and make the spacing and padding of different elements more precise to your custom font size. Here's another screenshot of some of the headline font controls in MD4.8: When you see the link icon next to a font control, that means that font is being calculated by MD's typography system and will scale in harmony to your site's main font size. For the most control, you can override that value and break the link with your own custom font sizes and line heights with a simple number control. I'm extremely excited to roll this update out and am working on it every chance I get. With the new design controls offered in MD4.8, you will be able to customize your site far more efficiently and precisely than you can now with MD's static and heavily custom CSS reliant options. Let me know what you think!
  13. Alex Mangini

    MD + Upcoming GDPR Compliance

    As brought up by @vertizio (see original thread), the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations are soon coming into effect on May 25th, 2018 and the penalties for site owners who do not make their sites compliant are, well, pretty scary. All site owners who collect any kind of data from European citizens will want to learn about their responsibilities as data controllers and take the appropriate actions to ensure the best form of compliance you can. The Internet is a global place and whether or not you're in the EU or not, chances are you interact with European citizens in one way or another. And as you run a self-hosted WordPress installation with email signup forms, cookies, blog comments, and other kinds of messaging tools, any kind of data that is stored in your database or cookies makes you liable for compliance. As Marketers Delight is used by many people in the EU, I have been reviewing what kinds of changes I can make to best help you make your site compliant. I won't pretend to understand these laws to their fullest extent or tell you that the following changes will make your site fully compliant (MD's tools are only a small part of your site), but they will help you get closer to the best level of compliance you can get to. With confusing laws such as what's being proposed here, that's the best you can hope for. Prior to the May 25th date, I will release an update to MD with the following changes: 1. Optional checkbox to verify optin consent A new checkbox will be added to MD email form settings that allows you to add a required checkbox fields to all of your email optins that the user must click to verify that they consent to signing up to your newsletter. I know this seems frivolous and email marketers won't like it, but this will make your form "compliant." 2. A cookie banner feature will be added to the MD settings page MD Popups uses cookies to store information about any timed popups you show to the user's browser. For compliance, users must be notified by you, the site owner, that your website stores cookies in their browser. There are already free plugins that do this, but MD will have its own that can be switched on in a click soon. ----- Did I miss anything? Again, these new updates do not guarantee compliance as the laws go outside of tools provided by MD such as your privacy policy, and how your email service provider collects subscriber data. You will need to be responsible for understanding the lengths at which your site collects data and how to best make them compliant under these laws. If you have any questions or tips for the rest of us about how to best meet the compliance standards, post here and show us how you've made your site ready for these laws!
  14. Alex Mangini

    MD Forums Upgraded

    You may have noticed a new look to the MD Forums, and that's because I've updated from the archaic IP.Board to the new IPS community suite. Everything you see now is stock, but I will be gradually customizing things and adding new functionality. In the meantime, all discussions and support questions will continue as usual! You'll enjoy the new editor tools and find the forum experience to be a lot smoother. These forums are an important community hub for the MD community and I wanted to put some more time into giving you a better experience. Let me know if you have any questions about how anything works. See you guys in the forums!
  15. Marketers Delight 4.7.4 adds a small new powerful feature to help power users of the MD Sidebars feature by splitting potentially hundreds of sidebars into pages on the Widgets screen. Read more here: https://marketersdelight.net/marketers-delight-474/