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    Optimal Image Size for Featured Images

    Quick question gang, in the interest of minimising bloat and load time etc, is there an optimal image dimension for the featured images, especially when used as a Header cover or full header cover? TIA.
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    How to publish micro blog posts and notes with the Stream (Ideas List)

    The Stream has been something that I love in theory but have never been able to use in practice. Might be time to re-evaluate that based on some of these ideas.
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    Customising button on popups

    Thanks mate, was using classes but had it wrong.
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    Customising button on popups

    Dumb question on the day. For shortcode generated popups in the option area, how do we customise the button? Specifically, make it a large button. I've tried the things that are obvious to me within the shortcode but no avail. TIA.
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    Logo alignment without menu

    Hi all, When you remove a menu from the header the logo goes back to a centre alignment, what's the best way to keep it left aligned like the default when there is a menu there? Specifically when removing the menu from a specific page.
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    Page Blocks Demo File

    It's a new project/business getting people to build their own online presence in a particular field/profession. Currently using MD as the go-to theme is the plan.
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    Page Blocks Demo File

    Thanks mate, worked as I knew it would ;) Again why MD is the best theme around. That's why I've been recommending to everyone I speak to pushing for it's use in an upcoming project.
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    Page Blocks Demo File

    Hi Alex (and team) I've been playing around with the page blocks again and using the demo file content, I've noticed a "ghost" paragraph which is offsetting the content. Image attached. There is not equivalent <p> code in the block code, wondering if it is leftover from the image formatting...
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    Email Optin Forms and Checkboxes

    Hi Alex, I know there have been a few threads in the past but I was wondering if the following is possible in a not too complicated/time intensive manner. I was looking to add a checkbox to the MD email forms which would be required for form submission. It doesn't need to do anything else, no...
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    MD5.0 Feedback

    Hi Alex, Just upgraded to 5.0 on a demo site and entire experience was painless and easy. A couple of things I've noticed, not sure if unique to me or a common issue. 1. Disabling the Author box in Site Design&gt; Content doesn't seem to work. I have to do it manually on each post. This is...
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    Infinite scroll on blog page

    Hi Alex,  I was considering adding infinite scroll on a particular site as opposed to a paginated blog section. Would this be best achieved with a plugin or something on the functions level within MD? Regards, Callum
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    Replicating Blog Blocks look with full posts

    After all that I think I found a fairly easy solution.  Realising I wanted the teaser styling but to display the standard post loop, I took the teaser loop and replaced the teaser part with the standard loop.  Only having enough knowledge on the php/coding side to be dangerous, I played around...
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    Replicating Blog Blocks look with full posts

    Almost there! Seems to be just a bit of css away from the goal. I'll play around a bit and see if I can get there. I'll just drop my results so far in here so if anyone (or my likely myself) comes back to it in the future. 1. The CSS from Alex 2 posts ago is required otherwise some posts will...
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    Replicating Blog Blocks look with full posts

    Alex, that is the exact effect I'm after in terms of the detached/floating post, but I'm looking to show full posts as opposed to teasers. From my demo sites: The default MD blog view: What I'm trying to achieve (without the issue with the shadow or on the individual blog post itself)...
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    Replicating Blog Blocks look with full posts

    Alex, I was mucking around with this and realised it might be as simple as modifying the margins (although I'm probably totally incorrect). Playing around with the margins created the right look but there is an issue with the drop shadow applied to the content box. See image attached. I looks...