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    Suggestions for the next MD update

    Another benefit of using an inline image, I will add these changes to the dropin. I don't think there is any noticeable difference between the performance of the image sizes since they are so close but I have the upmost respect for your eye for detail. (y)
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    Suggestions for the next MD update

    I do agree displaying the image inline is better for control. I remember I used the style approach because I couldn't get a good crop for a rectangular image vs. the more square you have now. But I'd still prefer not to use the style tag so maybe a featured image code like this will work: <?php...
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    Weird display in edit mode

    There was a mistake with the YouTube follow embed code that broke the whole page so the issue should be fixed. You have to be careful when pasting HTML into your site because even one missing </div> tag (like I found in your post) will break the entire layout. With great power comes great...
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    How to shorten your url?

    Use this. The old links will redirect to the new links. No changes required afterwards. Test any old link with a date in your browser and you will see it redirect to the right page you expect. Now everybody will go to the cleaner link.
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    Dying to Thriving - A New Health Blog

    @Jake O'Callaghan Following your blog really adds perspective to the topics we've talked about and honestly dude to see how far your mind has grown throughout all of this has been hugely influential for me. Thank you for the update
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    How to shorten your url?

    Wow, haven't seen YOURLS mentioned in a while - glad it is still kicking. I think it would be cool if you could find a short enough domain name and install a WordPress site to it, then with some kind of links/redirects plugin you just publish links as you go and grab the URL. Lock the domain...
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    Happy Summer 2020!

    This is a late summer greetings but the theme of the season is not always timeliness. ;) In fact it is a good time to look back on the year's accomplishments and progress in life, and the archives of projects we have started online is a great indicator of where we're at. You can measure your...
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    Share your stream posts

    and something that has needed to be said. ;)
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    Share your stream posts

    A passing thought...
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    Changing from a Pagebuilder Heavy Site

    How has your site progress been @lovefightwrite?
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    "I am releasing my record one song at a time." - the release of BLUVNBU album

    Over the years I have watched a lifelong friend of mine Matt grow into an accomplished musician, business owner, and thinker (to name a few). In the same time period we have been building his website (and other iterations) slowly from a small blog and a place to hype the release of his new...
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    Fixed Unable to Update to Marketers Delight 5.1.2

    Thank you, issue has been resolved. I had to update the expensive Software Licensing software I use for MD updates. 😅
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    Fixed Third party MailerLite > All statistics are wrong

    Thank you for letting me know, the update error is resolved and you are safe to go. I have not, but there are a handful of enhancements I want to upgrade our email forms integrations to that will "catch us up" to these more advanced plugins. At the core, if you are getting subscribers and are...
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    Free Audio Resources

    Excellent, I haven't heard of resources distributing audio like Unsplash. I do love to see more of this kind of work shared in such a free way.
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    Fixed 5.11 double byline issue

    MD5.1.2 fixes the embarrassing double byline bug. :)